Thursday, 16 February 2017

Four seasons

      A light covering of snow on last Thursday's morning run over Castle Hill.
Snow  (Click to enlarge)
 Ice on a proposed Sunday morning run round Grimwith with a wind chill of -5ºC. Not wearing Yaktrax we aborted on grounds it was too dangerous.
      Cold, clammy mist on Tuesday's run.
      A gorgeous sunrise on today's (Thursday) run.

There are new born lambs in the fields, crocuses are flowering, oystercatchers are back on the river and feathered friends are coming to the bird table in pairs. 

Can Spring be far away?


  1. Yes, today (Thursday) was a very nice day ...
    Perhaps spring is on the way.

    The daffodils are coming up lovely beside the Church Wall, they always make a wonderful show.

    Your four pictures do show how changeable the UK weather can be.

    Have a lovely Friday, and a good weekend too

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. Daffodils are shooting in my garden but no buds yet. It's a different climate up here in the Pennines. Warm sunshine lured me out to do some gardening, that necessary evil!

  2. Summer still very much happening here in Cape Town! so much so that the Dams are almost empty and we have to drink wine and beer as a form of water saving!

    Hope Spring springs for you and the winter rains come to CT

    1. My heart bleeds for you Coach, having to put up with all that nasty alcoholic stuff!
      Really looking forward to some warm Spring weather, and stripping down to shorts and vest again.
      How are things with you? Are you back running yet?

    2. Yes running plenty and had a race planned for the 26th. aiming at the 25km as the 15km would just be to fast and I could hurt myself racing the 'kids'. ran 25km this weekend so distance should be fine...

    3. Great stuff Coach. So glad to hear you're back in action again. Hopefully you'll soon be back blogging too? Cheers!