Tuesday 29 January 2019

Sunday's run....

January 27th, 2019......what we pensioners do to keep warm in winter......


  1. Old Runningfox I did not know that you were a Youtuber ...I liked the video indeed are like a film maker ..the black bird to start with ...and to end with the same black bird like a thriller ...well done Gordon . I can not get over the fact that you raise your legs that high, what a stride ! I am like your wonderful girl that never raises her feet from the ground . Last Saturday in Pontefract I did the Northern Cross Country and my feet never raised no more than 2 cm from the ground although I went to the finish line leaving behind one runner more decrepit than me . Antonio.

    1. Cheers Antonio. That crow is a friend of mine! And that was the first video thingy I ever made. I'm not sure whether there'll be any more!
      I assume you won your age category at Pontefract?

  2. Beautiful video and nice song. Dido is a great singer.
    And now.... I am ready for the 6 Nations!!!!

  3. Thanks Stefano. Good luck to your team in the six Nations - though naturally I want England to win! Ireland will be hard to beat - again...