Tuesday 4 June 2019

Still running, sort of....

Hospital appointments are coming thick and fast, recently two a day at different hospitals.  Yet none of my doctors/surgeons/consultants have told me to stop running.  One was even inspired to start using his exercise machine again before starting work each morning.  Or so he said...
Hours sitting around in waiting rooms or lying on consulting room couches are taking their toll.  I try to stay positive by comparing myself to unfit and over weight specimens surrounding me - and that often includes NHS staff !   Come weekend I feel drained of energy and quite happy to relax with a cryptic crossword rather than run.
In spite of inclement weather last weekend my wonderful partner successfully eased me out of my rocking chair and lured me into the hills.
(Click pictures to enlarge)
It rained quite heavily a couple of minutes into our run and we almost turned back, but a patch of blue sky held promise of brighter things to come.
It conned us but we carried on.

As we plodded up the ghyll a cuckoo called incessantly, the first we'd heard this year, and it made our day.  Out came the cameras for a very short video to capture the sound.
Me running across is purely co-incidental!
Further up the moor signs have been erected for people to control their dogs during the ground nesting season.
Over the past few years numbers of pewit, curlew, redshank and oystercatchers diminished somewhat but now seem to be returning.
Each of the above mentioned species became rather agitated as we ran across the moor, an indication that many chicks were hiding in the grass and heather.
As we ran along they were dive bombing us, shoo-ing us off their territory, away from their precious chicks.
We stopped at one point to gather sphagnum moss for hanging baskets.
They kept up their relentless bombardment until we'd left the moor.
An oystercatcher stood on one leg and watched us, seemingly unconcerned.

We repeated the route on Sunday in more persistent rain, hoping to hear that cuckoo again, but we were disappointed.  The bird had flown, trailing those repetitive notes behind it to brighten someone else's day.
 Birds were still there and unwilling to make friends.
A curlew really got its knickers in a twist as we passed Scar Top house where chicks were dashing for cover.
We left them in peace and descended into the lush greenery of Hebden Ghyll.
Back to our crossword...


  1. The doctors/surgeons/consultants who tell to not stop running are my favorite!!!
    My doctor always tells me: don't stop running!
    You and your wife are an inspiration, the real spirit of running.
    I love your paths in the middle of the green country full of nice animals.

    1. The Yorkshire Dales where I spend most of my weekends are ideal for off-road and high level running. It's limestone country, water drains away fast, so reasonably dry underfoot. And it doesn't hurt too much when I fall!

  2. nice to see you are still getting out there, even if you have to 'steel' runs between hospital visits...

    I hope those come to and end you have many more happy days running, and bird watching!

    1. Hospital visits (had another operation today) are gradually grinding me down. Maybe wont be running for much longer. It's time you cleared up 'comments' in your blog!

  3. I can see you enjoyed a great run in the hills. Those stone walls are really beautiful. Unfortunately, when I went to Scotland two years ago, I didn't see them, as I only visited Edinburgh and Rosslyn.

    Experts didn't say you have to stop running. That's a good news. In addition, it seems your are motivated enough. Have nice runs!

    1. I used to build and repair those walls many years ago. A grandson of mine is a brilliant dry stone waller and makes a good living out of it...

  4. Old Runningfox the report is really good this week and although you are still involved with doctors your running posture is still great like in the short video your stride is still there . Have a good weekend Gordon . Antonio .

    1. It's time for you to take over from me Antonio. My running days are coming to a close......

  5. Come On Gordon! you can do it, keep plugging away, maybe when the hospital visits etc come to an end you'll feel better, you Look well and good on your short video, as long as you can lace up your shoes and get out that front door ( or back door ) I say Crack On! happy running Gordon cheers john.

    1. Cheers John, I'm hoping all hospital visits and operations are over before we go back to Menorca in August. I can't bear to think of being in Menorca and not running.
      You stick at it too.