Monday, 8 February 2010


There are days
On paths that zig-zag
High into the hills
We pass beyond the pain,
Catch that tingling in the scalp
That tells us soon
We'll treadmill out of time,
Out of self.

To rufflings of raven's wings
We'll rise above the stones,
Sail in the eye of the wind
To worlds beyond the womb.
In that transmigratory state
That's neither flesh nor blood,
Male or female, warm or cold,
We'll run, like disembodied joys,
The gauntlet of eternity.


  1. Greetings Runningfox,
    Wow, that poem is beautiful!! So, am I blogger friends with an English poet? I love it!! You can write as much poetry as you want and I will be thrilled:) I hope your workouts have been going well and that you are staying healthy and injury free!! I hope that you have a fantastic and foxy week:)

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for your comment but I wouldn't call myself a poet - just have occasional flashes of inspiration.
    I'll be working out a couple of times in the gym this week, then it's off to sunnier climes next Monday where I hope to re-commence REAL running to get myself back into racing mode again.
    I've been looking at your Blog. Wish I could do thirty press-ups!

  3. Hi Runningfox or AKA my English Poet Friend,
    Thanks for your are making me feel guilty because you are such a rock star and would run if you could:) Me, sometimes I tend to be a wimp...I think it is because I am afraid of screwing my hip up worse than it already is. I could just run it slower and not care about my time...but that is really not how I operate either:)

    Yes, you are right, Deena Kastor is poetry in motion:) You will be a lucky guy if you can meet her at the London Marathon:) Take some pictures of her if you can!!

    Do you have any new works of poetry to know, your occasional flashes of inspitation?? I hope that you have a great day RunningFox!!!

  4. Lovely words, RunningFox. I like the hint of melancholy ('We'll treadmill out of time') but not yet, not yet...
    Hope to see you around somewhere this year. I'm still trapped by illness so can't get going yet which is really p***ing me off! Enjoy the sun!

  5. Greetings Runningfox,
    I thought that I would check in with you to see how you are doing! I hope that all is well and running is going fantastic for you:) Is it getting warmer there yet? I am ready for spring and am honestly tired of the snow. Take care:)