Wednesday 24 April 2019

Run or Die......

With plummeting energy levels and having lost a stone in weight I thought it might be a good idea to see a doctor.. 
After listening to my list of symptoms, sounding my chest and discovering my systolic BP was an amazing 248 the young Dr Anwar seemed puzzled as to what the hell was wrong with me so referred me to the experts at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. 
 "I want you to go home, pack an overnight bag and get yourself to the Ambulatory Assessment Unit as quickly as possible"
So I did.
Various blood tests, an ECG, ultra scans of my renal system, chest X-ray and Computerised Tomography scan identified one or two little problems that will require appropriate medication for the rest of my life. It could cost the NHS a lot of money for I'm not planning on dying for a good few years yet.
A Cystoscopy this coming Saturday afternoon (Three Peaks race day, curse it) and a biopsy of this 'thing' in my Rt ear could prove interesting too!
I mentioned to Alma, as the hospital doctor had introduced herself, that I would probably stop running after my 87th birthday in a few weeks time.  
 "Oh, I wouldn't do that" she said.  
 I may have to have a rethink!
Meanwhile, here is a little video of our Easter Sunday jaunt round Grimwith reservoir.  
You may recognize the tune...called 'Run' by Leona Lewis

How could I possibly stop running?