Sunday 20 October 2019


Running is currently out of the question, which is hard to take.  It's what I enjoy most, the only thing I'm any good at.  It gives me a time from the world, from Brexit, a time to float along, a free spirit, to forget my age, escape reality, to run for sheer enjoyment with no thought of time nor distance or training schedules. 
 To 'just do it'.
Reduced to walking - temporarily, I hope    (click to enlarge)
An inspirational  C. S. Lewis quote says "You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream" and I wondered just how old he was when he said it?   Well, he died when he was 64 so I don't know whether he'd still say that if he'd lived to 87?
Which just happens to be my age.
I still have dreams, especially after a glass or two of wine,  but at my time of life it's increasingly unlikely they'll  become reality.   Nevertheless, I remain optimistic, always believing that fate, or God, still has something good in store for me, but what it can possibly be will remain a mystery until it happens.  
I like surprises....