Saturday 20 June 2020

Summer solstice..

It wasn't easy climbing out of bed at 3.45am but a cup of strong coffee and a spoonful of positive thinking soon had me lacing up my running shoes.    Two young girls, members of Vegan Runners, got me to the top of Castle Hill in time for the sumrise.
Many folk were there before us, most of whom had driven there judging by the number of cars parked at the summit.
Most were well wrapped up, some complaining of the cold, so an 88 year old figure in running shorts was causing more attention than I liked.  Energised by the sun's magic I made an invigorating run for home.  
Breakfast was a little earlier than usual!

Thursday 18 June 2020

Days in the hills....

I gather I'm now officially allowed to travel the 45 miles to visit my wonderful partner instead of sneaking over there a la Dominic Cummings.   So I did.  Again!
Out of rain     (Click to enlarge)
Into glorious sunshine
So far, June has been mainly wet so I was lucky to choose a fune weather window to get back into the hills running the country I love with the one I love most.
I suppose we ran about twelve miles in total - which I reckon is quite enough for a couple with over 160 years between us.
Yorkshire Water decreed we couldn't drive to Grimwith so we'd to park a mile away on the main road, which rather extended our trip.
But the day was pleasant and we enjoyed every moment, often stopping to stand and stare.
Then running on , easily, enjoyably...
Stopping to sniff wild thyme...
Admire mountain pansies...
Listen to a wheatear getting cross at us...
Rest and feel the sun on our bodies...
Slow down by the lovely lagoon...
Identify wild orchids...

Feel the joy of running in the sun...
Or dancing across rough country ...
Stopping to drink it all in...
Then the long trail home...
to a garden of scented flowers, friendly bees,
a blackbird singing in the apple tree,
A glass of wine,
and all's well with the world.

Wednesday 3 June 2020

A walk on the wild side......

After watching a live streaming of my friend Peter Dibb's funeral, attended by only six mourners wearing face masks, it was a great relief whrn my wonderful partner whisked me away to the solace of the Yorkshire Dales.   There I could effect some sort of closure on a traumatic three weeks.  Nature is a great healer.
Bridge over untroubled waters   (Click to enlarge)
Have we got to go up there?
Afraid so

Hebden crag
We're up and walking towards Mossy Mere
Mossy Mere. beloved of greylags, curlews, pewits, redshank,
snipe, skylarks - and me
Relaxing, listening to the bird's wild chorus
Looking across to hills I used to run
When it wont open
In the dried up land of bog cotton and golden plovers
Desolation - solitary sheep, a sea of bog cotton and lonely hills
At the boundary stone twixt Hebden and Grassington Moors
Time to rest amd drink it all in
Another rest - at a shooting butt high on the moor 
Hello, what's this flowering in such a wild place?
Let's have a closer look...
On the way home
Walking down Hebden Beck
Miner's Bridge in Hebden Ghyll
Home and relaxed
That deserves a glass of wine - or two.
The end of a perfect day