Monday, 14 June 2010

With Lanhydrock in mind

A misty River Wharfe at Burnsall

My old body doesn't seem to be getting any fitter, but my mind is positive and anxious to get back racing again. From 20th June we'll be on holiday for a couple of weeks, camping in Cornwall, and quite by chance we discovered there's a 10 mile Trail run around the grounds of the National Trust property at Lanhydrock on 27th. Against my racing principles (the prize list only extends to MV65 category so I'll only be there to make the numbers up) I suggested to my wonderful partner that we might do it.  Much to my amazement she agreed, depending upon the outcome of a 10 mile trial run before posting the Entry Forms. 

And so it came about that last Saturday she set off along an undulating path by the the River Wharfe with a gusto that was quite mind boggling, leaving me trailing in her wake. She was determined to complete the 'trial' in a time that would satisfy her she could complete the Cornwall race without too much stress or discomfort. This she certainly achieved, which is more than can be said for me as I huffed and puffed and sweated buckets in my determination to catch her before reaching home!  I managed this, just, by the thickness of my vest!  My Garmin registered 10.38 miles with 936ft of ascent in 1 hour 46 minutes - which might just keep me out of last place!
Unbelievably, the Entry Forms are on their way.


  1. Hi Runningfox,
    Well, it sounds like you and your partner and going to do a 10 mile race in a few weeks:) This will be good for the both of sound very excited to get back into racing! Cheers for how positive you are:) I will be looking forward to your race report and hopefully pictures. You know how much I love your pictures of England:)

    I love the picture of the Misty River! Beautiful:) I hope that you have a lovely week!

  2. Fantastic to hear you're getting back to racing, RF. I know just what you mean when you say that running is a part of your life. Life's just better when you run! My very best wishes to you both in Cornwall.
    PS. Can you recommend a good neck support? I've got an old whiplash injury which is troubling me more and more (I'm just a wrecked crock, basically!)especially when trying to sleep.

  3. You are an inspiration to all the rest of us - brilliant!

  4. The photo looks beautiful.

    I'm going camping next week too - in Snowdonia. No racing for me, but looking forward to running in beautiful scenery!

  5. Good luck for the race in Cornwall Boothy! Last place? That won't happen judging by your constant enthusiasm and determination. Good on you!

  6. We will be coming over from Texas on holiday and will be racing too! And just to assure you, I'll be behind you, so no worries!! Looking forward to a race in beautiful country with great anticipation!! We will also be camping in Snowdonia!! Cannot wait!