Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A bit hot for running

This summer has been a bit of a scorcher. Well, it has in places I've been, and the path along the River Wharfe last Saturday, from Hebden to Barden Bridge and back, all but reduced me to a crawl. I cannot remember when I ran this ten mile route so slowly, if ever. There was very little shade from the merciless sun, sweat poured out of me, my vest and shorts were saturated and I squeezed enough fluid from my sweat band to water two plants.  I hope it doesn't kill them, or I'm in trouble!
It's a popular and picturesque stretch of river and walkers were out in force.  A party of around sixty children and adults impeded my progress through one narrow section. The campsite at Appletreewick was full to capacity.  Parents lolled around with cooling drinks while their excited children paddled and splashed in the river. The Wharfe can be dangerous but the water was low last weekend, so there was very little danger of anyone getting into trouble.
River Wharfe at Loup Scar
Normally I run to the turning point at Barden Bridge at a very sedate pace, then run back faster. Not so this time. I managed the sedate pace bit OK but on the return section my old legs felt a bit like those of the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz. I force myself to believe I'll ultimately derive huge benefits from these long energy sapping runs, that the training effect will stand me in good stead come my next race where I'll float effortlessly past anyone in my age category who happens to get in the way. I'll soon find out. My next race is only five days away.


  1. Hi Old Runningfox,
    I'm sure that you went through a beautiful environment and it seems that the water wasn't polluted. Running along that river might be wonderful. I saw the cornwall's report which you posted the 1st of July and ... You make me envious of your landscape :) Nice report!
    Good luck on your next race!

  2. Hi Runningfox,
    Well, it looks like you had another lovely run! The picture of the river is beautiful...must be so peacful to run with that type of scenery:)

    Good luck with your next race! I am looking forward to reading the race report:)

  3. A gorgeous river to run by. good luck on that next race.

  4. I have trouble with heat running, but my dog has even more trouble. This time of year we switch to morning runs instead of afternoon.

    I think the Tin Man used oil for those squeaky legs instead of running. I bet running is better - though I'd try oil if someone told me it would help. :)