Wednesday 25 May 2011

If it aint broke, don't fix it!

      I wish I was more computer literate, or even literate. I thought it might be a good idea whilst I've still got the galloping trots and swollen calf muscle -  and therefore not running - to set about uncluttering my hard drive. There were zillions of unwanted pictures in there amounting to zillions of megabytes of trash I thought might be slowing down my system. Best to get rid of them.  So I spent a happy couple of hours, or was it days, zapping them out of my system. Album after album of web pictures were sent scuttering down to the bottom left hand corner of my screen, where the Recycle Bin lives, then launched into their own little corner of eternity never to be seen again.
      A little later I reckoned it was time I updated my Blog, not that anything exciting or newsworthy had happened. I just thought people who regularly read my ramblings in such exotic places as Moldova, Tajikistan, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand and the Russian Federation might sink to depths of despair should they leap out of bed anxious to learn of my latest exploits (albeit such mundane things like massaging my calf muscle and popping pills in between visits to the loo) only to find there was nothing there to brighten up their mornings.
Old Runningfox in his den - having a break from fixing this Blog
      Anyhow, to my great horror, all the used pictures I'd merrily deleted from my web albums had also disappeared from my Blog. All that was left was a lot of empty boxes with utterly meaningless captions underneath. I'd mistakenly supposed once the pictures were published on the internet, they were stuck there forever and ever, Amen.  Not so.
      So in case anyone has been wondering why I haven't posted lately it's (a) because this is supposedly a running Blog, and I haven't really done any running to write about and (b) I've been busy hunting and retrieving pictures from various sources to make my Blog look semi-respectable again. Needless to say they're not always the same pictures as before. Most of the originals are floating around somewhere in cyber space and I've no intentions of nipping up there to retrieve them. Well, not just yet! 


  1. The same happened to me, Gordon. I felt the Drop Box was taking too long to bring up photos I'd sent to "Uploaded to Web Album" so, with some difficulty, I deleted them in the same way.
    Perhaps your blog photos are still in your recycle bin. In which case you might be able to clock on a photo on the list and RESTORE. Not sure if it would restore to your blog directly or just to your photo viewer.
    Just a thought. Sorry to read that you are not running at the moment. Hopefully back to it soon. Take care, Terry

  2. Oh no! I would have thought they were safe on the blog too. What a shame. Hope the calf and stomach problems clear up soon so you can get out and run!

  3. Hi! This is Marion, the girl monster with the fluffy dog. In short, you are ammaaazzinnggg! I want you to say that word--as it is spelled with the triple g ending--to yourself at least 10 times!

    :-) Marion

  4. Terry, I zapped everything from the Recycle bin too, so no chance of getting anything back. As regards running, I'm seeing the physio again today and am hoping to do a few miles this weekend.
    Liz, these things are sent to try us and they'll have to go a bit to ruffle me!
    Monster Marion with fluffy dog, I'm no good at DIY, cooking, gardening or getting up at 5am to do bicep curls with 40kgs. All I can do is run, and not very amazingly at the moment!

  5. Thanks for the warning about photo deletion RF! And I too hope you're up and about soon; we need MV80 champs!