Wednesday 23 November 2011

Brightening up my day

    Went for another good run today, a five mile frolic through Mollicar and Royd House woods, through fields of sprouting winter wheat, with a sharp climb over Castle Hill to round things off.
A pheasant came to say 'Hello'
   It was late afternoon when I set off and I'd half hoped the local badgers might be rooting about, or performing their ablutions away from their sett, but no such luck. The countryside was strangely deserted except for a large covey of partridge that flew off into the dusk. It was almost dark when I got home.
    The reason for my late departure this afternoon was this colouful visitor strutting around in my garden just as I was ready to set off. I was so fascinated that I really didn't like to disturb him, even though he was at one time feeding on some of my Spring bulbs. I've no doubt he'll be back for more!


  1. And I thought you were going to tell me you had Pheasant for dinner...

  2. Gorgeous shot, RF. So glad you're back out there.

  3. So glad to have found your blog--what an inspiring athlete you are! Thanks for stoping by my blog.