Sunday 18 December 2011

More snow

White landscape below my house
     It snowed again this week, then the sun shone and the frozen landscape glittered like diamonds under a blue benign sky. Ice crackled underfoot as I ran through familiar fields, past holly bushes bright with Christmas berries, past horses in winter blankets contentedly scrunching dry hay from their rack in a field below the Castle. Sorry I forgot the Polos!
    On days like these it feels like running is the most natural thing to do, the easiest and most enjoyable form of exercise, energizing the body while filling the lungs with the purest of air.  In buoyant mood inspired by the weather I churned out another twenty glorious miles this week. I dread the day when I can no longer run. 
     After recent ten mile jaunts, interspersed with shorter ones of three or four miles, my old legs are starting to regain some strength and I get the feeling it will soon be time to introduce a bit of speed work again. The post Christmas period, following the inevitable wining and dining indulgences, should be an ideal time to start. Father Christmas might even have brought me some foul weather training gear, in which case I'll have less reasons to procrastinate. 
    A quick glance at ClustrMaps today revealed my Blog had visitors from all sorts of interesting places, from Spain, Austria, Australia, Taiwan and various US States - Oklahoma, Indiana and Maryland. Some are regulars and visit every week but I haven't a clue who most of them are. I wish I knew.  Anyhow, to all of you, thankyou for dropping in. I wish you a Happy, peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year. If you're runners, train well, enjoy your racing and celebrate lots of new PB's (or PR's if you live in the States).
     PS. There's currently a huge shambling bull in the field you see in this picture who, along with his cows and heifers, snuggles under my garden wall in the wee small hours. It took me a while to work out it's this hot-blooded bovine family that are responsible for my security light constantly switching on and off - depriving me of sleep! 


  1. I know exactly what you mean about how running can feel so natural, I'm really enjoying my running at the moment. Thanks for your comment about PBs - I'm going to go for it while I still can!

  2. Great photo - I'd say you'll be running forever so no worries there!

  3. Well, Hello from the States!

    I like running in the cold too- but for some reason things have felt colder this year than usual. I have decided to bundle up a bit more and shed the extra layer if need be, rather than start out freezing.
    Looks like you live in a rural are. I like the stark look of winter in the photo- clean lines.
    Sounds like you are getting in some good running. I hope Santa brings you your new gear!

  4. Hi Running Fox,was saddened to hear of your injury but glad to hear that you are getting better.Injuries are such a downer.I am slowly getting back into higher mileage as the calfs gradually improve.
    You may find it hard to believe on some cold days,but I envy you some of them as I run around in plus 30C heat.Your courses look terrific.
    (OZBOZO) Jim Beisty

  5. Love your beautiful snowy pic! 20 miles! That's amazing. You put me to shame.

    My Running Shortz

  6. Ozbozo, great to hear from you again, didn't know you visited my blog! Yea, at our time of life injuries set us back even further, it takes ages to restore our fitness - especially in freezing temperatures! But it's worth persevering.

    Barbara (and Max) you live in a lovely spot too. That 20 miles was two 3's, a 4 and a 10. Don't think I could run twenty all at once now.

  7. Have a wonderful Christmas RF. I look forward to your 2012 running tales. Crisp, sparkly winter running is the best there is.

  8. Hey! Indiana!! That's ME!! Was looking for some continued inspiration and you have provided it...thanks a ton...looking at what is possible in my future helps me to get out there now. Get healthy...keep running....some of us are watching and still drawing from your example!

  9. Joy from Indiana. Good of you to introduce yourself. I think we derive inspiration from each other by our mutual support. Do you have a Blog?
    Have a nice Christmas.