Tuesday 16 December 2014

Yay, I'm back.....

Back in my elements......(Click to enlarge)
      OK, it was more than a wee cough. It's taken 16 days, a week of antibiotics and a week confined to barracks to shake the nasty bronchitis bug out of my system. At last, it appears to have gone and today, for the first time this month, I sneaked out before dawn to test the water. My alarm sounded at 7.10am and I awoke to half a gale battering the window. Regardless, I sensed a peculiar thrill at the prospect of running again, feeling the wind on my body and getting back into that wonderful rhythm. After a quick cup of coffee I stepped out into the darkness, clicked my Garmin and set off to face the elements. And the traffic.  I reckon most people in the neighbourhood set off to work between 7.30 and 7.45 for there was a constant stream of cars tail-gating along the mile of road to the Castle Hill turn-off, and in both directions. This minor road along Ashes Lane is narrow and so is the footpath. Some of the wider vehicles were almost brushing my sleeve, so I was much relieved to eventually turn away from the noise and blinding lights for the final steep climb into a traffic-free zone.
      I was back in my elements, breathing easily and relaxing into a steady rhythm I felt I could keep up for the rest of the
......and more atmospherics from my Study window
morning. A faint smudge of pink in the south east horizon was where the sun was rising behind a thick blanket of dark cloud. A stiff westerly gale was flapping my wind smock. If there was any birdsong it was drowned in the constant roar. Crows, or maybe they were rooks, were enjoying a game of flying into the wind, then being flung back like tousled bits of black rag. I wish I could do that!  Rabbits were conspicuous by their absence. Either they don't like wild weather or our local poacher had already worked the hill with his two whippets. I doubt the latter for I saw no-one. I'd the world to myself and boy, did it feel good after that enforced lay-off. After three circuits I descended, reluctantly, and headed for home feeling smug and invigorated. Old Runningfox is back in business......


  1. That's more like it! In a weird way, I quite like the wind and rain too...

  2. Excellent news, good to know that you're back on your feet again!

  3. Always good to hear... So it might not yet be running like the wind, at least it is running with the wind!

  4. I had a similar lay off so the bug obviously travels up and down the country!!
    It is great to get back to one of the simple pleasures in life, glad to hear you are mended and back up running.
    Take care and enjoy😄 ianB

  5. So glad you're feeling better!

  6. Nothing beats man V the elements after a long layoff! Way to get back out there. Love the cheerful jumping photo :D