Monday 21 March 2016

Things just get better.....

      Spring marches on. It wont be long before the lawn mower is dragged from the shed to deal with rampant grass. My pocket handkerchief lawns, already scarified and spiked, should shortly become sunbeds in my annual quest for a healthy tan.
Catkins and half a moon against the boundless blue  (Click to enlarge)
 I'm told the previous occupant of this cottage was a naturist who sported (if that's the right word) an all-over tan. I haven't quite got to that stage though my shorts were recently referred to as 'that loin cloth of yours'.
Same day, same wondrous blue sky, different catkins...
 So far as running is concerned I'm struggling to get going again. Two hours plus under general anaesthetic during that last eye operation knocked hell out of my 83 year old engine and I'm still shaking off the effects. The first thing I heard on recovering consciousness was a nurse saying to a colleague "He's very fit for his age, he's a runner".  I still laugh about that!
Listening to skylarks near Thurstonland, on Thursday's 9 mile jog/walk
Since then runs have been interspersed with walks. Sometimes quite long walks and not very fast runs. But anything is better than nothing, especially on beautiful Spring days under blue skies with larksong tumbling from the air, catkins waving in the breeze, bumble bees buzzing about their business, or the call of a curlew echoing across the moor.
More blue sky on Sunday's run round Grimwith
All those things, and much more, have enriched my forays into the countryside this past week. The sky at times was unbelievably blue, sunshine pleasantly warm on the skin, colours brighter through my new eye, each day offering something new as Spring unfolded. I refrained from shouting Hallelujah as I got strange enough looks in other happy moments when I burst into song!
Reflections - Grimwith reservoir
Something new has happened this year too. I mentioned in an earlier post about greylags in the reeds at Mossy Mere, a place we'd not seen them before. Now, they're all over the place, grazing grassland close to the village, skeins of them flying over at night and a great gaggle of them colonising Grimwith reservoir, formerly a stronghold of Canada geese. Besides being honoured with their presence they're an added interest on our waterside jaunts
Greylag goose, Grimwith reservoir
. They're noisy beggars though....likewise that tiniest of birds, the wren, whose voice is far too loud for his size. Good job he's not as big as a greylag with matching voice or we'd need ear plugs!
Time for reflection - at the end of our Sunday run 
Chaffinches were singing too as we ran round Grimwith. Wherever there are picnic tables there are chaffinches. Strange how they know....
Dandelions are beautiful when they arrive in Spring
So that was the wonderful week that was. I suppose it will rain for Easter!


  1. Great to see you up and running like a good 'un!

    1. Thanks JJ, I'm sputtering a bit, but getting there. Cheers!

  2. I think you have been enjoying bluer skies than us, judging by your lovely photo's. We have had some sunshine but still a few grey days ... and yes I think the forecast is for rain over the Easter weekend.

    So do make the best of the weather and run or walk ... but enjoy the Spring-time, a most lovely season.

    Have a good week and a very early Happy Easter Wish too.

    All the best Jan

    1. The blue skies seem to have disappeared, temporarily I hope. Good job I took advantage while they were here! Here's wishing you a Very Happy Easter too - whatever the weather....
      Cheers Jan

  3. Fabulous that you are enjoying Spring through new eyes, one at least! Great to catch up with your blog, Gordon, and see how well you are. I hope to be soon blogging about more than injury too!!

    1. Hi there Julie. Spring is a wonderful time of year, try to enjoy it, as much as your injury will allow. Hopefully you'll be running again come summertime, Mr Khan will have worked his magic and it'll be time for big celebrations! Wishing you all the best.....

  4. Spring for you means autumn for us, and we can definitely start feeling a chill in the air on our early-morning runs.

    I couldn't help but giggle about the "loin cloth"... Will has a beloved white one that also fits that description perfectly!

    1. Well, autumn is a beautiful time of the year too Karien. Enjoy those early runs.
      Must admit, I like as much sun on my body as possible while keeping within the bounds of decency. Maybe it's something Will and I have in common? Cheers......