Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Eye of the beholder.....

    Last Thursday I paid a rare visit to the bright lights and, for only the second time in over 25 years, had the dubious pleasure of sleeping with another woman.  My wonderful partner not only condoned this liaison but actually drove me there on the understanding the experience might somehow benefit our relationship.
Apple blossom on Castle Hill  (Click to enlarge pictures)
The experience lasted a bare (!) half hour but unfortunately I remember very little about it for the lady in question was Dr Karen Bartholomew, an anaesthetist at Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax where I was undergoing a cataract operation on my Lt eye - under general anaesthetic.  All went well but it may be some time before I'm able to read clearly again, or share car driving on long journeys.

Gorse flowering by my path up the hill
I was out running on two mornings last week, before the operation, but not sure when I can start again on a regular basis.  I forgot to ask the surgeon but, so far as Karen was concerned, I should give it two or three days. I can't wait......
May is out, but few clouts cast.....
Next best I suppose, though it's rather boring, is walking.  So that's what we've been doing over the May Bank holiday. May blossom is out but we've hardly cast a clout because up here in Yorkshire there's still a nithering wind and the temperature drops dramatically when the sun goes in. But we bared our legs and donned shorts on a couple of days.

Walking in Wharfedale...
One day we went up the dale in search of orchids, also hoping to hear a cuckoo calling, but we saw or heard neither.  However, the sun shone, Wharfedale was clothed in her glorious best, swallows and martins zipped across the sky at Yockenthwaite, primroses smiled from shady spots under the trees, sheep grazed contentedly with their lambs, curlews called and the world was a wonderful place.

Lots of Mountain pansies in the ghyll   
On another day I was taken up the ghyll to view and experience this year's profusion of mountain pansies. A red grouse was in attacking mode when we got too close to its fledglings. We discovered a crow trap we'll be keeping an eye on as we pass by on future occasions to make sure nothing illegal is being caught.
We don't trust our gamekeeper!

Also bluebells......
It was mainly sunny but again there was a biting wind that necessitated our wearing fleeces and hats as we wandered off road by rough pastures and ruffled waters.  
Rippling waters at Yarnbury.....
In spite of such beauties it felt good to step back into a warm kitchen with all thoughts of sunbathing in the garden with spritzer to hand flying out the window.
A lush and peaceful scene on our way home.....
 It might be June but summer isn't quite here yet, not in Yorkshire.....


  1. While you wait for summer to arrive, I am waiting for the winter rains as the dams here aren't doing very well...

    Yes walking is boring, it's so slow when you feel the legs want to go, hope your eyes return soon so you can take to the hills again!

    1. Walking is OK for checking out new running routes...
      Hope those dams get topped up soon, don't want you getting dehydrated! Cheers Coach.

  2. Haha, I think we all share the same sentiment about walking...! I trust that you'll be back to doing what you love soon.

    1. I was out for a gentle run/walk session early this morning with no ill effects. Only three miles but it's a start...

  3. ...yes, I know walking is not 'your thing' as the saying goes - but I like it!!!
    Seriously I hope you will be able to get back to running soon, but patience ... patience and give time for your eye to heal.

    I loved all your photo's in your post.

    Happy month of June - yes 1st June today, where does the time go?

    All the best Jan

    1. I used to enjoy walking Jan, especially in the Alps or on coast to coast backpacks across Scotland, camping in wild and lonely places, or ticking off all the Munros. It was after I ran my first marathon, aged 55, that walking went on the back burner.
      A Happy month of June to you too.