Monday 25 July 2016

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer......

      Weatherwise, last week was made for running.  Warm, sunny mornings with clear views, gentle breezes, birdsong and bright flowers all contributed to that 'good to be alive' feeling as I cruised along, happy and carefree, my feet barely touching the ground.
First light with mist in the valleys   (Click to enlarge pictures)
Tuesday was best. As I stepped from the door at 5.20am the sun was just clearing the horizon, lighting the mist that hung in the valleys.
My feet hardly touched the ground.....
Mist dispersed quickly as I climbed higher, views became clearer until, at 900ft, the world was ablaze with light. Rabbits were hopping in the air, chasing their shadows, and each other, and a stalking cat crouched lower in the grass as I ran by.
Cat - or young fox - skulking on the banking
It was a morning to die for. I lost count of the number of circuits I ran round the perimeter path, feasting my eyes on the colourful panoramas stretching for countless miles in all directions.
View west when the mist cleared
 I didn't want to go down but as I did I passed a young girl running up, a broad smile on her face, clearly enjoying the pageant as much as me.
Dwarf mallow growing by the tower
After breakfast I walked the same route again, slowly this time, savouring every minute, wallowing in that glorious feeling of sunshine kissing bare parts of my flesh. After all, I thought, there may not be another day like it this summer.
Strange cloud formation in the evening
In the evening I lounged in the garden sipping a fruity Merlot as clouds gathered in a strange formation around the setting sun. It was still gloriously warm, I wore nothing but a pair of light running shorts, my skin appearing to go a darker shade of brown as the light faded.  The animal was happy......very happy.
Setting out on Sunday's run

      Saturday brought a repeat of the seven mile run we'd done the previous Saturday - for no other reason than I wanted to experience the feeling of speed down that grassy 2 mile path from Bare House to Grassington. Then a gentle lope through a flower bedecked meadow back home.
The run down to Grassington
      A swallow joined our congregation on Sunday morning. I'd heard it twittering as it flew into the porch. Then it came inside and circled round a few times before settling on a high beam. I'd rather hoped it would perch beside us at the communion rail, symbolising the descent of the Holy Spirit to bless us, but it was having none of that......
Jogging home through the flower meadow
      Four miles was quite enough for me in the afternoon. Such was the humidity I could hardly run. I was dripping with sweat when I got home, looking for all the world like I'd swum across the river, so a cool shower was most refreshing. Not to mention a cold beer!
Meadow cranesbill
      A scrumptious game casserole in the evening and a wee dram of a favourite malt whisky nicely put the seal on the sunniest week we've had all summer. Let's hope it's not the last.
      The beer is in the fridge......


  1. Enjoy the sun, long may it last

    1. I'll do my best Coach, another good weekend is forecast, though I'm flagging a bit.... Cheers!

  2. I have just come back from a holiday in the North Yorkshire moors. I went out one day for a run among the heather and got pleasantly disorientated following the maze of paths worn by the sheep.

    1. You only went running once? Heather moors should be coming to their purple best in another couple of weeks, or so. The North Yorks moors are a sight to behold on the drive over to Whitby. Cheers Gordon.

  3. What lovely photographs again, and isn't the dwarf mallow a wonderful colour.

    Your game casserole and wee dram certainly did round your week off nicely ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks again for your kind comments. That mallow stopped me in my tracks, just asking to be photographed - as things do.
      Cheers Jan.....