Monday 21 November 2016

Grim around Grimwith......

      The thermometer read 2°C as we set off on our Sunday jaunt.  As we picked our way from the icy and otherwise deserted parking area at Grimwith and began running across the reservoir dam, the thought crossed my mind "Maybe we should start carrying a cellphone".  The bitterly cold air froze my lungs, contracting cells so I couldn't breathe properly. For a wee while I felt vulnerable.
Careful as you go  (Click pictures to enlarge)
      It was still 30 minutes to sunrise - not that we'd see it for the clouds were like lead.  Storm Angus was gathering strength with winds gusting their way up the Beaufort scale. Freezing rain stung our faces. Feet were soddened running through slutchy mud and puddles. The hills around were plastered with snow. If anything happened to either of us in these conditions, miles from anywhere, we could be in real trouble.
Nasty conditions
      Throughout climbing and mountaineering days I never entertained such thoughts. Wouldn't allow myself to.  So far as I'm aware, only one of my mountaineering friends ever carried a phone.   For the rest of us our only means of summoning help would be six blasts on a whistle!
Be quick, I'm freezing....
      But after Sunday's run my wonderful partner admitted she'd been thinking of carrying a phone too, especially if we're going to be running through storms Barbara, Conor, Doris, et al.  The severe drop in temperature brought about by wind chill had obviously got to her too. However, it soon dawned on us that reception around Grimwith, and many other places we run, is probably non-existent.  We'll test it next time we go, but meanwhile I'll stick with my whistle.
      My camera wouldn't function very well on that Grimwith run either. Rain got onto the lens causing it to automatically shut down. Very sensible, but annoying.
Burnt out mill in Newsome
      A run over Castle Hill during the week was halted by the sight of a huge mill fire less than a mile away in the village of Newsome. When I saw it, around 7.30am, it was totally gutted with only the four walls remaining.  A local poacher who lives near it said he'd been awakened in the middle of the night with flames shooting through the roof.  It was a Grade 2 listed building, long since disused, which they'd hoped to convert into flats.  Arson has been confirmed.
Last week's full moon had grown a tail....
 Storm Angus is still raging through Yorkshire as I type this, causing floods and disruption throughout the area.
      I may not be running for a day or two......


  1. Mother Nature has been quite grumpy here in our neck of the woods too for the past week or so... Hope the storm passes soon!

    1. Yeah, heard about the 'quakes Karien and wondered how they were affecting you and the children. Stay safe.
      Our Storm Angus has drifted off into the North Sea and the sun is shining again here.

  2. I also head out with my phone... not only so I can keep my wife in the picture (if I'm out for longer than planned) but I use the camera

    1. Makes sense I suppose Coach but, as I've said, there is very little reception in the hills around here. I'll think about it......
      Hope you're well along the road to recovery. Cheers!

  3. The weather has not been good recently has it.
    We haven't had snow but plenty of rain, which has caused some disruption and damage for quite a few.

    Take care while running - you could perhaps check to see if your phones will have a signal, but always carry a whistle!

    Take care

    All the best Jan

    1. Aye, it seems winter is upon us Jan. Time to prepare for our annual dose of nasty weather.
      You take care too......