Thursday, 16 March 2017

A wee rest...

      Much as I've enjoyed wonderful sunrises, fresh air and birdsong, recent bouts of vertigo, flashing lights and a lack of energy that frequently reduces me to a walk have finally forced me to rest.
Running tired last Sunday  (Click to enlarge)

      I've been thinking about it for a while but a snippet in Alan Sloman's blog by that intrepid long distance walker, Sir Hugh, finally prompted me to steady up. He wrote "I have a theory I think you will applaud that gets you out of all that training nonsense. As a young man it is possible to train and become fitter. There is an age limit (not sure of the exact age, but I know I'm well past it) when training only promotes further deterioration of the body, so it's better to keep what you've got in reserve to cope with the happy project you really want to do".  Wise words.
Happiness -  running along the riverbank on Saturday

      Chronic insomnia caused by a hyperactive brain that refuses to switch off is the main cause of the problem. My doctor is unwilling to prescribe sleeping pills.  Recommended herbal remedies have proved useless. So, against the wishes of my wonderful partner I've resorted to the internet.  Watch this space.
Male goosander on the Wharfe
      My log book recorded just 18 miles last week but in truth Sunday's 5 mile effort had quite a few walk breaks I wasn't happy about. 
Yarnbury dam, but no frogs
Redshank, golden plover, curlews and lapwings all contributed to the pleasure of our run as far as the dam at Yarnbury in search of spawning frogs.  There were none.
A few starlings
      We were however treated to a mini murmuration of starlings as we approached the dam, but they didn't hang around long enough to get a decent shot of them. Even if my camera had been working properly...
An audience of one in Hebden ghyll
      After 31 years of regular running the idea of a break does not come easy. Hopefully it wont last long.  I have new vests to show off and shoes to wear out. 
And besides..


  1. I trust that you'll be out showing off those vests in no time. Happy resting. x

  2. It seems to have been a long grey winter this year, 18 miles a week is an excellent distance whether some was walked or not, walking is good. I think a rest this time of year is a great idea to prepare for the summer! My insomnia usually starts at 3:30 on the dot each day! ( they keep on about 8 hrs sleep! Chance would be a fine thing! 5 hrs is good!!) Enjoy and accept the rest, return refreshed and keen, walk in that beautiful countryside you have, keep blogging your pictures of the wild life....... Must be time for another pot of tea ( or coffee) nice morning here, sun streaming through the windows.

  3. It's pouring down in Huddersfield Ian and forecast to carry on much the same over the weekend. I'll be settling down in a comfy chair for a weekend of sport on the telly, Cheltenham Gold Cup, Six Nations, etc. - and Huddersfield v Bristol City match on the radio tonight. Oh yes, it's time for my morning cappuccino....Cheers!

    1. BCC removed, stitches out last wednesday, all went well and good service!!!! hope you are sorted?

    2. We're monitoring mine Ian. If it gets any bigger I'll have it removed, but not by the rude surgeon I saw in Huddersfield.

  4. Keep on running Gordon and don´t batter that comfy chair too much ;)


    1. Will do my best Markus. Hope I don't get to liking that chair too much! All the best to you....

  5. There are times when it is best to rest, and the body needs to be listened to!
    As Ian said above ... enjoy and accept the rest, return refreshed.

    I look forward to seeing your new vests later in the year!

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. You're right, and my old body is listening. Dunno how long for though....
      Enjoy your weekend

  6. Listen to your body.....but not too much! A week or two of rest will reset your body (and your head), I'm sure you'll be back running to your usual excellent standard before long.
    Best wishes

    1. Dunno about my excellent standard JJ but yes, I should be pottering around again in a few weeks.
      I suppose you'll be winding up for another Challenge? I'm planning on being somewhere a little warmer - stripped down to shorts and vest, hoping to outrun the local tortoise! Cheers!

    2. That's the Plan, I do love the Challenge! I'm currently in Florida where early morning runs are essential - it's too damned hot otherwise. Unfortunately much of the running here is on concrete pavements....ho hum.
      Anyroadup, back to Ingerland in a couple of days, just in time for a nice trail run in the Peak District with the Tally-Ho!..... I can't wait!

    3. Yeah, it was hot weather, in Menorca, that got me into early morning running. Love it now - but not on concrete!
      It rained every bit of the weekend, still raining today, and snow is forecast from tomorrow night. Everywhere is waterlogged and the River Wharfe is a raging torrent. Your trail race (Lantern Pike?) could be a bit squishy. Cheers!

    4. We're running from The Lantern Pike but it's not a race .....and I'm sure it will be amore than just a bit squishy!

    5. Weather looks like turning good for you JJ. Enjoy!

  7. I still feel I'm running / training to get fit, So I'll still hit the track and log the big miles... (and fast miles)

    PS raced again this weekend and still trying the write a post and the weekend and all...