Monday 5 February 2018

A senior moment......

I took some great pictures while out running on Sunday, not just of my wonderful partner.   John Gill's beautiful working collie posed perfectly, and what looked like a white, flat-pack settee was stuck in the middle of the river at Loup Scar with icy water swirling round it, possibly abandoned by a frustrated owner.  Nice, new pictures for my blog, I thought.  Except, when I came to upload them onto the computer I discovered there was no memory card in my camera.  Silly me, I'd been shooting blanks.
What Watson does for me....(Click to enlarge pictures)
Due to a sore eye and inclement weather, not a great deal of running was done last week.  A brief foray around the cemetery on Friday, when my 'guardian angel' - Watson - squeezed another 'fastest time' out of me, and a six mile circuit of Appletreewick on Sunday proved the limit of my activities.
This primrose thinks Spring has arrived
Saturday was a non-day for al fresco events but in the evening we'd a delicious meal in the Clarendon.  From a menu that included mallard, partridge, grouse, pheasant, trout and roe deer we chose the grouse. And an excellent choice it turned out to be.  It limited my intake of Timothy Taylor's famous Yorkshire beer in case it washed away the wonderful flavour of wild, moorland game lingering in my mouth!
Running the riverbank near Appletreewick
Sunday dawned dull and cold but by 11am the sun was lighting up the landscape, tempting us to don our running gear and set off down the river bank.  A guy we saw with a drone at Burnsall maybe photographed us on the bridge as there there was a strange humming noise in the air behind us as we ran across.
A seat with a view
Alasdair on Dragon's Crest near Krabi, Thailand
As cold weather continues, with further snow forecast, I'm a little envious of my eldest son, Alasdair, who's currently enjoying balmy days in Thailand.  
I might have to book a flight...
PS.   I got a mention in a Spanish magazine - Here


  1. Do it... you only live once!
    Thailand is fun

    1. Judging from earlier pictures, sent from Bangkok, Thailand is indeed fun - for those of a certain age......

  2. Sorry about the camera mishap.
    I don't think I'd be very comfortable sitting on that seat with a view.
    Though the view is fantastic.

    1. Takes after his mountaineering dad Karen, heights don't bother him. I've another one of him stood on the very end flexing his muscles, but don't want to excite people!

  3. Now I want to go to Thailand too...!