Monday 29 October 2018

A grave situation......

 A howling gale raged all Tuesday night and into Wednesday.  At some point in the wee small hours I shut the bedroom window because the roar was deafening.  Come 6.30am I was zombified and could easily have stayed in bed.  I got up, made a strong cup of coffee, put on my trail shoes and forced myself out into the semi-darkness.
That angry sky  (Click to enlarge)
Common sense told me to stay low.  I jogged slowly to the sheltered surrounds of a local cemetery and launched into a series of short hill reps among the many intersecting paths between the graves.  Matt, a Personal Trainer, was already there doing his strange backward and sideways runs while waiting for a client.  After ½ hour I'd had enough and decided it was breakfast time.
Keeping low - though thankfully not so low as most here
 On the way out I noticed the name of another friend had been engraved beneath that of her husband and son.  I'd been wondering where she'd got to?  Her son, Robert, died while running over Castle Hill. Rumour spread that it was me for he was bearded and of similar build.  Neighbours were relieved when I returned from my travels a week later. Back from the dead!
Autumn by the Wharfe
 Thursday was a disaster.  I should have stayed indoors and turned up the central heating to sweat out this lingering cold with all its ghastly gunge.    Instead, I huffed and puffed and coughed my way round local fields and woods to return 4 miles later in a state of collapse.  I haven't run/jogged/wobbled since.
So I'm currently resting, thankfully not in the same way as those I ran amongst on Wednesday morning.   My list of friends and relatives reclining in various graveyards seems to have outgrown the ones that are left.
Life can get a bit lonely approaching ninety!


  1. Sounds like a rollercoaster of a week emotionally. Good to see the running is fairing well though friend. You did more miles than me and that is an awesome pic, I have to travel in the car a fair way to even see things like that :-)

    Thing not clicking properly yet but every run is a gift...even the bad ones!

    1. Yeah, the flesh is rather weak at present but the spirit is still strong and willing. It causes a bit of a conflict!
      It's the beautiful Yorkshire countryside that keeps me motivated. Road running was never for me other than when I was racing.
      Hope things are well with you...... Cheers!

  2. All the pictures are beautiful but that last picture is my favorite.

    1. Thanks Karen. Actually that last one was taken by my wonderful partner when she was running by herself last week. I'll tell her....

  3. This week pics are just superlative Old Runningfox and the pic of you training in the graveyard made me chuckle, it just made me wonder if never came to your mind that maybe it is time for you to choose a plot in this cemetery that you by now you know every little corner and the best views ,having done so many session inside it . On the same pic I just do not know on how you can raise your leg so high up when you stride....I wish! , instead my feet almost never leave the ground when I run(plod, shuffle, or else) Antonio.

    1. I noticed your shuffle when I ran in with you at Burnsall. You'd be faster if you worked on your stride.

  4. Fabulous pictures here.
    Happy November!

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. All the best to you too....