Thursday 30 May 2019

Celebrating my 87th......

Against doctor's orders I flew with my wonderful partner to the island of Menorca to celebrate my 87th birthday.   
After being called into hospital on a Saturday afternoon for a flexible cystoscopy I'd fallen out with the doctor who did it for wasting my time.  For one thing, it was Three Peaks race day and I was bladdy annoyed about missing it.
The camera he slid into my bladder was totally unsuitable for exploring the blockage to my Rt kidney.  He said I'd be fast tracked into hospital for another cystoscopy under general anaesthetic within the next few days.
"But I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks until May 18th" I told him.
"You'll have to cancel it, this is urgent and needs doing as soon as possible" he said.
Tough. "As far as I'm concerned, it should have been done today. That's what I was told I was coming in for.  What was the point in me coming to you if you haven't got the necessary equipment?   Anyway, our holiday is booked and paid for, so we're going".
And we did.
My phone was in 'Do not disturb' mode.  Daily missed calls and text messages were deliberately ignored until I got home. 
Anyhow, just to show how ill I was, here are a few video clips of my 87th birthday jaunt that ended with a nice bottle of wine, courtesy of the hotel management, while watching a beautiful sunset from our balcony.
 Make sure you go 'full screen' and have the sound on.
My new appointment still hasn't been confirmed. 
 It had better be quick because we've booked another holiday !