Wednesday 26 August 2020

A fair drop o' watter...

Our weekend activities were somewhat curtailed by inclement weather.  After racking our brains all Saturday, trying to solve a cryptic crossword, we sat twiddling our thumbs, waiting for a dry spell.   Late on Sunday morning it relented sufficiently for us to venture out.    Clad in waterproofs!
Hebden Beck by the Miner's Bridge   (Click to enlarge)
A group of archaeologists seemed oblivious to the weather as they sieved and scraped at the footings of old workings by the rushing waters of Hebden Beck near the Miner's Bridge.
Stepping stones
Higher up the ghyll, stepping stones across the beck were partially submerged so we got wet feet crossing to the other side.
Why couldn't they have set them a little higher?
Plodding up Tinker's Lane
We turned left up Tinker's Lane, a steep, grassy pull at first, then increasingly muddy towards the farm at High Garnshaw.   We turned downhill through the pasture and back to the village.  
We'd be interested to know how Tinker's Lane got its name?
A turbulent River Wharfe at Loup Scar
After a little over 4 miles we were back home for a late lunch.  The heavens opened again, the rain poured, the river rose and we were glad to be back, snug and cosy. by a warm stove.
Now, where's that crossword?


  1. A late lunch well deserved Old Ounningfox ,a loop of 4 mile is good enough to enjoy the wild landscape . The pics are outstanding Gordon and I like the post too . Well done.

  2. I was impressed by the pic of you Gordon plodding up Tinker's Lane , your posture was great for climbing and with your hands behind your back to avoid bending the back too much . Well done .

  3. That water does look rather turbulent.

    All the best Jan

  4. Great memories, Gordon, keep them coming. I have met Stuart and Maria on the TGO Challenge, as has my old mate Nick.
    Did a 10K at Tatton yesterday. Only 4 of us over 70, out of 700 runners. We didn't disgrace ourselves - whilst far off your standard we all finished inside 55.09.
    Enjoy your wine.