Monday 2 August 2010


Years ago, before my wonderful partner retired from teaching, Friday evenings were rather special, a time to unwind, to put the pressures of work and cares of the week completely out of her mind, to totally relax and hopefully continue this mood throughout the weekend. Out came the red tablecloth, on went some soothing music, a candle was lit and a nice bottle of wine uncorked to accompany our evening meal. Since her retirement, five years ago, 'red tablecloth night' has shifted to Sunday. Ministers conducting the evening service are in danger of being boycotted if they habitually preach for too long, thus keeping yours truly away from his gastronomic delights - and his wine!
What's this got to do with running, you might ask?  Well, the clue is in that word 'wine'. Depending upon ones state of mind, stress levels, tiredness, or whatever, alcohol can make one do some very strange things. I can only surmise last weekend's Sauvignon Blanc was of a particularly potent vintage, much higher than the 12% it said on the bottle, for it conned us into doing something particulary odd.
Like what, you're wondering?  Like switching on the computer at way past bedtime, downloading an entry form for one of the toughest road half marathons in Britain and entering online, just like that!  What's more, there doesn't appear to be a get-out clause for people who change their minds when the effects of alcohol have worn off. It seems we're fully committed to run the Great Langdale ½ marathon on Saturday, September 25th, whether we're fit, or not. I suppose we should thank our lucky stars we didn't have a brandy to round off the evening or we may well have finished up in the Marathon des Sables!


  1. Hi Runningfox,
    Yea, this is great news! I was giggling when I read what you did! Totally something that I would do after having a little wine:) I think that you and your lady friend were meant to run this race! You just wait and see, you will both do fantastic:) Remember to have a good time and don't stress about the clock! Take care and have a great week!

  2. Good on you. Being involved in the Duddon Valley fell race i am not sure if they have a prize for over 75's.
    I am sure that there was no category for over 70's at the DVFR which is a shame as there were a number of over 70's running.
    Mike Breslyn being one.
    Anyway keep the red wine flowing it does you good so i believe. I'll have to keep practicing.

  3. Ha! Very funny. Good luck then. :)

  4. ha ha that is really funny !! i did the same for the barcelona triathlon !! - being totally undecided i registered late one night after two wonderfully large glasses of Saint Émilion 2008 that Esther had bought. I'm sure she wanted me to enter Barcelona (where she is from) so we could go visit her family again... and have Tapas at the fantastic Ciutat Comtal restaurant on the Rambla Catalunya.....
    i'm sure you'll do just fine in the semi, and earn a very nice bottle of wine to round of the day in September !!
    all the best

  5. Brilliant! I have to say,with my own project of going around the year in 24pints it is the wine that I am missing most - particularly a nice Australian red! Love the new header by the way...

  6. Nice one! Something on the calendar, that's what gets me motivated!