Monday, 6 December 2010


Last year when people were crawling across the streets of Huddersfield on hands and knees, terrified of standing up on the treacherous black ice, my wonderful partner's Canadian sister-in-law sent me a pair of Yaktrax to hopefully keep me upright. Typically, there was an instant thaw! 
Sunset by Victoria Tower, Castle Hill
So it wasn't until the recent freezing conditions that I was able to give them a test drive. On a day when temperatures plummetted to -18ÂșC in Yorkshire I strapped them to my Trail shoes and set off across the gleaming white landscape bound for the highest point on the horizon, a place called Castle Hill which, at 900ft above sea level, is where I do most of my repetition runs. I call it altitude training.
I must say the Yaktrax performed far better than I'd expected considering that under my feet was nothing but rock hard shiny snow/ice. I didn't slip once. I was a little frightened they might spring off my Trail shoes when I moved fast but the rubber bindings never moved.
It was wonderful to wander in sub zero temperatures on top of the world, in the shadow of Victoria Tower, with absolutely no fear of slipping or sliding. Whilst many elderly people were afraid to venture outside their warm homes this happy septuagenarian was marvelling at the breathtaking sunset as the great ball of fire gouged a great hole in the western horizon. I like my Yaktrax.


  1. So glad to hear you love your Yaktrax! They are a great product. Enjoy a new found freedom outside and be sure to tell your friends all about them. You may also like a sister product, the Yaktrax XTR. It is designed for more extreme venturing outdoors. If you wouldn't mind, I would love to share your review on our Yaktrax Facebook page? Thanks for the kind words.
    Yaktrax Team

  2. Hi Old Running Fox

    I came across your blog recently and have enjoyed reading it. I've just ordered a pair of Yaktrax on your review. We have a lot of snow of ice and snow in Paisley at the moment so I'm hoping they will help!

    If you get a chance have a look at my blog ...

    Happy running!


  3. I've just been reading about them online and they do sound good - I certainly could have done with a pair the last couple of winters just for walking around the town centre...never mind hiking. The only problem is that not many outlets seem to stock them.