Monday 24 January 2011

A bumper week

Last week was a bumper week mileage-wise, the old Runningfox having clocked up a grand total of 39 with some fairly fast ones - five @ average 7.18 pace and lots of 48 sec intervals @ average 6.45 pace. I'm not quite sure why (!) though there's a 10K race at Meltham this weekend (Jan 30th) which I might do if I don't get too excited about jetting off to La Palma in the Canary Islands a few hours later for some warm weather training. A New Year resolution was to try to do twelve races, one for each month of the year, so Meltham is very much on the cards.
Maybe 39 miles was a few too many because I'm currently feeling a bit Blah, though my powers of recovery, especially when the adrenalin starts flowing, are usually pretty good. Not having raced since the Derwentwater 10 last November I'm dying to know how my 2011 form measures against that of my geriatric contemporaries. Have the festive indulgences, and restricted training in all the snow, taken their toll?  Or has the rest been beneficial? I can't wait to find out.

 Addendum: Well, we did run the Meltham 10K race after all and conditions were perfect, a bit chilly as we lined up for the start but cool enough to keep the sweat down as we got under way over the rolling Pennine hills. Not being a 'morning' person I was feeling the pressure a bit with the 9.30am start but soon settled into a steady rhythm that got me round in 51.56, enough to win the MV75 category and beat the MV70 winner in the process. My finishing position was 206 from 363 finishers. So well satisfied. My wonderful Longwood Harrier partner clocked 63.02 in 332nd position, one place ahead of the legendary Ron Hill.
Full results here:


  1. Sounds very much like your Christmas break and resticted training has done you a power of good, Gordon. Some good fast miles in place last week. Well done. Much more than I managed!
    Have a good holiday. Be nice to get a bit of sun on your back. Take care, Terry

  2. you are flying at that pace - fair play to you. funny you mention that resolution of 12 in 12months, my brothers and I are up for the same.

  3. Oh my goodness, you are running some amazing miles! You are also running at a crazy fast pace!?! Good for you! Good luck to you with your 10K race...if you run it:) Sounds to me like you are in the running for a great finish!

    Take care of yourself Runningfox!

  4. Well done RF! There's no stopping you. So good to read of your exploits. Enjoy La Palma.

  5. Nice photo of the Village of Appletreewick. I'm sure that it's a beautiful place to run!

    Have a nice training!