Tuesday 1 March 2011

Huddersfield Road Runners 10K race

For last Sunday's race the forecast was for fine weather, but a coolish 36ºF - ideal for racing - and for once it was right. Entries had reached the limit of 600 runners several days before the event so there were no entries on the day. We arrived in plenty of time to hydrate, locate changing rooms and showers and have loo stops before a longish warm-up to ease the old muscles into smooth working order.
At 11am prompt a hooter sounded.  We were away. After a flat 150m around the front of the sumptuous clubhouse in Lockwood the route began to climb, up, up and up again for over two lung-bursting miles through the village of Netherton till I began to wonder if there was any strength left in my old legs to prevent them buckling at the next section down Crosland Factory Lane. They survived, but not as well as those young whippersnappers who came thundering by with no respect for geriatric joggers!
We looped left, crossed a rushy dike and began another steady climb almost back into Netherton. I could grow to hate that place!  My quads were singing by now and it took a little time to get into full flow down Moor Lane and Bankfoot Lane to the five mile point at Armitage Bridge where we crossed the River Holme.  Here, I managed to sneak past two younger club mates I'd been shadowing since the start.
Profile of Huddersfield 10K
After yet another short steep ascent we burst out onto the busy Woodhead road with easy going to the six mile marker before a flat, fast bit of tarmac along Waterside to the Finish.
I placed 233th of 491 finishers in 52.33 so was well satisfied with my performance over this strenuous course with its cumulative 1,000ft of ascent. It's some time since I finished in the leading half of the field so figure my training must be paying dividends. All finishers received a classy Fruit of the Loom T-shirt emblazoned with Huddersfield Road Runners logo.
To make it an extra special day my wonderful partner's 433 placing and time of 64.21 gave her 1st place in the LV65 category, 7 minutes ahead of the LV60 winner. We each received vouchers to the value of £25.00 towards running related products.
It was a good day all round for our club, Longwood Harriers, for besides our two category wins, in the MV75 and LV65, Ian Mitchell won the MV55 category, Donald Kennedy took the MV45 prize and Brian Boothroyd the MV80 title.  The Longwood raiding party was in top gear!  Full results here.


  1. Well done to your both! I recall it being a really tough one. Of course it means you are in sub 50 shape Gordon going by times I ran in 1999. Ran Hudderfield in 38.45 (feb 28) then Salford in 34.58 (April 4) so nearly 4 minutes differential. Would you 48 on a flat fast course? All the best Terry

  2. Thanks Terry, I'm not sure I could run 48 now. Last time I got anywhere near that was 48.05 at Harrogate in 2009. I reckon I could still go sub 50 on the flat - though my wonderful partner never seems to choose flat courses!

  3. 233th of 491 finishers; congrats on your good performance! Moreover, you received a vouchers to the value of £25.00: glad you had a good day :)
    Have a nice training!

    Post scriptum: I've just seen the beautiful photos which you posted the 15th of February.

  4. Sounds like a great race - you were lucky that the weather has brightened up a bit at last! Congratulations to Mrs Oldrunningfox on her first place - fantastic!

  5. Congrats on a great run - there I was complaining about slight inclines in Birr, a 1000ft ascent would have me in tears!

  6. Hi Runningfox,
    Congrats to you and your lady friend for a wonderful 10 K race! Great times for this time of year!

    I am going to have to go back to your last posts and see what I have all missed on my blogging break. It is always good to hear from you...take care of yourself:)