Tuesday 1 November 2011

I couldn't resist.......

Path up Castle Hill
     It was such a beautiful autumn day I couldn't resist going for a gentle walk. Wearing my New Balance 101 trail shoes for the very first time, to break them in, I walked a short route I often run, a mere three miles over Castle Hill to drink in the panoramic views and feast my eyes on the wonderful autumn tints.
Trevor Ellis running high
    Quite by co-incidence I met one of my running contemporaries, a chap called Trevor Ellis of Hartshead Running Club who was up there on a training run. In spite of having had a heart attack that slowed him down for a while, he's a long distance specialist and still planning marathons well into his seventies . Having just ascended several hundred feet he was glad to stop and chat for ten minutes in the warm sunshine. And so was I.
Bright Holly berries
    His company and conversation was most inspiring, so much so that I left him feeling a bit of a wimp. For goodness sake, if he still had the guts to get out and run following a coronary what was I doing pratting around with much lesser problems of cracked ribs and a swollen arm? 
    So, on the way home I found myself turning into our local cricket field with it's wondrous green, flat turf with absolutely nothing to trip me and send me sprawling to the ground again. Dare I risk it? Yes, I jolly well would. I wasn't exactly dressed for running but I took off my jacket, placed it on a bench with my camera, then set off for half a dozen repetition runs across it's widest point, a good 120m.
Trial run
    The first tentative run took 28 secs, the next 26, the next 25 and the last three were all 23's.  After a short warm-down jog I put on my jacket and walked slowly home as if nothing had happened! Back indoors I grabbed a handful of nuts and raisins, poured myself a glass of orange juice and sat down with a rather broad smile on my whiskered face.  The ribs had survived.  Thankyou Patti for your prayers.


  1. Fantastic... all it takes sometimes is the right inspiration and you seem to have found it in your friend Trevor. Well done!

  2. Hi! Well, your post shows how a person just keeps going--a little tentative, but running nonetheless. Great.

    :-) Marion

  3. It's alway good to start with a couple of 'strides' to see if the legs work... When the legs are working then you can get out and up the miles...

    keep it easy and you'll be fine. It's alway good to be running again.

  4. Glad to hear you are managing to run a bit. The weather has been amazingly mild hasn't it?

    Yes, we live right by the South Downs now, which is fantastic for walking!

  5. What a great back-to-running day! Heal quickly!

  6. Beautiful day where you live!!

    I'm jealous that you know Patrick Stewart.