Thursday 1 March 2012

Spring has definitely sprung

Warm enough for shorts
   In spite of annoying snuffles, sneezes, persistent cough, snow, ice and gale force winds, I seemed to get quite a lot done during February. Mileage-wise I topped the 100 mark for the first time since last June, most of it at a very steady pace, but with some good bouts of speed-work thrown in to liven the old legs up a bit. 
Gorse in flower
    However, for reasons I don't fully understand I don't seem able to maintain a decent pace for any length of time now. I mentioned this to one of my running contemporaries who suggested I return to the track this year and attack some of the British MV80 records over 400m, 800m and perhaps 1500m - distances I know I could run comfortably, but not necessarily at speeds I'd like. We'll see. One thing's certain, I wont be running marathons any more, though with 7 category wins from 8 starts, plus two British Championships, I've nothing really to come back for.
Crocuses - loving the sun
     To say I'm a little rusty is a gross understatment. I haven't raced since the Arncliffe 4 miler way back in August. Hopefully, the Troller's Trot a week on Saturday will whet my appetite and get my decrepit brain back into racing mode. It's a 12 mile off-road event over wild moors, steep hills and slutchy bogs. Should be just up my street!
    Today, the 1st March, is what many consider the first day of Spring and it showed all the signs of it. From the moment I got out of bed and stepped out the door into glorious sunshine I was flowing with energy. After a great bowl of banana porridge, toast with marmalade and the odd cup of tea I set about vaccing all the rooms, sweeping the stairs and cleaning the kitchen floor before hanging out a line of washing.  
And just look at that blue sky
   Then I went for a run, in shorts, through woods that filtered the sunlight, across wide open fields, then went swirling round the top of Castle Hill before dropping down home to complete a refreshing 5 miles. 
    As if that wasn't enough exercise for the day I set about tidying the garden, getting rid of all the dead wood, hoeing, raking, scarifying the  lawn and straightening the edges before sweeping all the rubbish from the path. I reckon it must be time for bed!


  1. My garden is an absolute mess, so if you are in Cambridge and bored :)
    Lots of blossom down here, but no crocuses yet.

  2. 12 miles of bogs and moors sounds just about perfect! :) Feel free to come work in my garden too. The briars are abundant.

  3. My wife has been very busy in the garden this last couple of weeks, I'm just the hired help when it comes to the garden, and I cut down trees and do all the slave labour!!!

    12 Miles of bogs is a long way, the 100m on the track sounds easier...

    Good luck

  4. That's great going for February Gordon... I'm looking forward to the next few months - plenty of light for good long runs...

  5. Have fun at the 12 miler! Off-road is fun because there's so much to keep my mind occupied- just trying not to trip!

  6. Hasn't the weather been incredible recently? All change for the weekend though, they say. Is your 12-miler tomorrow? If so, best of luck!

    1. No, it's March 10th Liz. Thanks for your good wishes.

  7. It's hard to believe you're running in shorts so soon after all the snow and cold weather you had. I hope spring sticks around for you. We're still waiting in Victoria, Can., but we're almost there.
    My Running Shortz

  8. Hi! My crocuses are blooming too! And one set of tulips in the back yard! You look quite young in these pictures, btw.

    :-) Marion