Wednesday 30 January 2013

Closing down.......

From last weeks snowy paths......
 ......for a few weeks while we go chasing the sun. Cases are packed, travelling clothes are washed and set out ready to put on at the appropriate hour, Euros, passport and e-ticket are tucked away safely in my wallet, car parking has been arranged at the Airport, I've had an hour long Mag Sulph soak, done a huge amount of exfoliating so my skin can breathe and hopefully soak in lots of semi-tropical sunshine and, last but not least, due attention has been given to the safe stowing of every essential item of running gear. If all goes according to plan, by Friday lunchtime we'll be stepping off the plane onto the warm, volcanic island of La Palma in the far away Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. next weeks volcanic trails.....
       After breakfast on most mornings we'll be donning our shorts, vests and trainers (and sun glasses) to run 'the route', a four mile circuit that climbs to a stunning viewpoint before the luxury of a long downhill section where sun-bathing lizards dart for cover among the bushes as we thunder past. Also, high on the agenda again is a long section of the island's Volcano Route that follows a high level path past seven inactive volcanos from El Pilar down to Fuencalliente. Running that route was one of the highlights of our holiday two years ago.
....and lizards round my feet.
      Out of interest today I climbed onto my magic body composition scales for some before and after readings, and was pleasantly surprised at what they told me. Whether it's the daily core exercises I've been doing, or whether it's due to advice given in Matt Fitzgerald's 'Racing Weight' book, I dunno, but in just three weeks my percentage of body fat has dropped from 18.4% to 13.4% which is a fantastic achievement. Weight is down from 145.8 lbs to 144 lbs and my BMI down to a more acceptable 22.5. I got to thinking, with results like this it's time I set myself up as a Personal Trainer in order to cash in on these secrets!. Or maybe I should just keep quiet in case I pile it all back on again during the course of our extravagent holiday.
      This Blog is now closing down until we return from the sunny Canaries. Au Revoir!


  1. Oh! You scared me for a moment. I thought you were closing for good. Have a FABULOUS vacay!!

  2. Have a great holiday and enjoy the sun, can't wait to read all about it when you get back.

  3. Sounds fantastic! Have a wonderful trip!