Tuesday 28 April 2015

Ah well, I can still dream......

My physio (aka The Magician) has told me to rest, the implication being no more running until my offending Achilles tendon is completely pain-free. So what better to do than put my feet up, close my eyes and daydream of running barefoot along this beautiful shell sand beach on the island of Harris in the Outer Hebrides, lulled by the gentle sush of the sea on a braw summer day....
Luskentyre    (Click to enlarge)
Some June Day
We will drive there some June day
To the furthest place west where the shell sand
Stretches in white miles till it turns to sky.
You'll take off your shoes and splash the shallows,
Joy in the flickering of fish, the dance of crabs;
You'll take my hand and tell me we should run
Fast as we can, fast till we lose our breath. And I
Will run with you, will laugh too, because of this -
The summer and the blue, the sudden lightness of
   the world
Upon our shoulders. Slowly we'll come back, still out
   of breath,
Drive towards evening to the village for wine and
   shellfish - 
Soft salty lips of the Atlantic -
As a huge orange moon
Peels piece by piece across the sea.
                                        Kenneth Steven 

And an appropriate piece of music; 'Wave after Wave' sung by Joanne Hogg from the album 'Open Sky' by Iona.
       - Music in every sound
         Light beyond each cloud
         Hope in every dream......


  1. You definitely must do as 'The Magician' has said, and that way I am sure your 'offending Achilles tendon' will heal quickly ...

    I loved your picture, the poem and especially the music. Thank you for introducing me to someone I had not heard before.

    Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

    Take Care and ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Just got back from seeing The Magician again Jan. Things going well, another treatment next week and should be back running again. In the meantime, it's more music, more reading, more birdwatching, more dreaming!
      Glad you enjoyed Joanne Hogg, an underrated singer few people have heard of.
      Have a nice May Bank break....

  2. So the Question is: will this June see you running barefoot on the beach?

    They had a 20km race on the beach this weekend past, but I wisely stayed away!

    1. Hi there Coach. Come June I've every intention of barefoot runs on the beach but one farther south than Luskentyre - somewhere a bit warmer.
      Don't blame you for giving that 20km race a miss. Beaches are great for training but murder to race on. Used to train dogs on the beach and they were virtually unbeatable on coming back to race on grass or on the track. And one of the world's greatest steeplechasers, Red Rum, was trained on the beach at Southport...