Monday 3 August 2015

Rain, rain, go away.......

Two things happened last week that haven't occurred for quite some time. Firstly, I ran on five consecutive days, something I only normally do whilst on holiday. Back home I'll run a maximum of three midweek, then two at the weekend, using Monday and Friday as rest days. When my alarm went off at 5.30am last Tuesday a swift glance out the window revealed some pretty diabolical weather. I slipped back into bed!  It rained all day.
A driech morning on Castle Hill     (Click to enlarge pictures)
The second unusual happening last week was that I ran a total of 30 miles, again something I haven't achieved since our holiday in the Scilly Isles.
I was chomping at the bit on Wednesday and couldn't get out the door quick enough to scatter the rabbits on Castle Hill during a quiet six mile run when I'd the whole hill to myself. On Thursday it started to rain two miles into another six miler and I got home soaked to the skin. A hooded Montane jacket that wasn't exactly cheap proved absolutely useless, so has been replaced in my bumbag by a far more functional Karrimor jacket that cost me a mere £14.00 from Wiggle.
Friday was a bit brighter
I wouldn't normally run on Friday but, not only was it the driest day of the week but a bit of totting up in my running diary revealed I'd clocked 99 miles for the month of July, and Friday was the last day. So of course, I had to take it over the hundred with a relaxed 4 mile jaunt around the fields. come to think of it, that's another first for this year - reaching 103 miles in a month.
Happy on Saturday's run to Howgill - before it rained
Two weekend runs both necessitated the wearing of waterproofs. Typically, on Saturday's eight miler, the weather gods waited until we'd reached the farthest point from home, at Howgill, before tipping their buckets upon us, but at least, I'd a decent jacket to keep me dry.
Hooded up. After it turned soggy running back by the Wharfe at Burnsall
On Sunday, due to some interfering medical problem, I didn't get out the house until 3pm when it was spitting with rain even as I closed the door. Regardless, I ran an easy six miles, maintaining a steady pace while climbing 650ft to the old lead mine workings on Grassington Moor, then a swift run back down the ghyll to shower and cool off ready for Church.
Heavy rain stotting the river by Hebden Suspension Bridge
Maybe I should run consecutive days more often, and maybe lift the mileage a little, for last week certainly finished on a high as I felt to be moving comfortably at a good pace. 
I have friends who run every day, and have done so for years but their bones and joints aren't quite as old as mine, though Ron Hill's can't be far behind.
A bit of muscle maintenance. Giving my legs some 'Stick' after Friday's run.
My philosophy is just to run as I feel, listening to my body and keeping within self imposed limits. Running is the easiest and most natural form of exercise. I'm hoping, just hoping, it will help maintain a reasonable amount of fitness in this ancient body of mine to keep me active and about for a few more wonderful years. Or until it finally gives up the ghost in one of the wilder parts of Grassington Moor........
Mushrooms - fresh from the field
A nice bonus of this warm(ish) damp weather is a profusion of field mushrooms. On Sunday morning, when I was 'a bit under the weather', my wonderful partner had the presence of mind to take a bag with her on her morning run. She harvested enough for a tasty lunch of fried mushrooms on toast. It's a shame they don't grow all year round for they're far tastier than the forced counterfeits we buy in supermarkets. Especially with a bit of garlic.....


  1. The summer weather certainly hasn't been that summery ... perhaps it will change soon.

    Well Done on all your runs and I do think your "philosophy is just to run as I feel, listening to my body" is a good one to have.

    Hope you keep drier this week.

    All the best Jan

  2. The rain is coming down here in the Mother City (Cape Town) that and the wind isn't going to make this evenings hill session any fun, at least it isn't track day! I always say to my athletes, it's about putting the weeks together. So if the week is good with enough runs (and sessions) tick...
    It's good to have rest days and I wish I could... I'm streaking at 3 and a half years so best I keep running!