Thursday 25 February 2016

Getting there...

Yorkshire weather has been beautiful all week, cold, crisp and clear. It brought on a nasty bout of gardening, spreading compost, scarifying lawns, pruning holly and cotoneaster, clearing away dead wood, hoeing and silly things like that. And all the time yearning to be off into the hills, running the trails, wallowing in the wonderful conditions.
One of my gardening friends   (Click to enlarge)
Regardless of better judgement telling me running isn't a very good idea with eyes in their present state, I'm afraid temptation got the better of me this morning. I'd set the alarm for 5.55am to allow time for a quick swill, a cup of coffee, loo stop and out running before 6.30.  Brilliant moonlight lit the frozen landscape as I jogged through silvery fields under a star studded sky. I'm told five planets are currently spanning the heavens but afraid I couldn't identify them - especially as I wasn't wearing glasses.
Dawn breaking on an icy moonlit trail
Dawn was breaking as I crunched up an icy trail onto Castle Hill serenaded by an early thrush and chirpy little robins. The cloudless sky lightened and stars disappeared as I ran around the rim gazing expectantly at that wonderful orange glow lighting all of the eastern skyline.
First spine-tingling run over the Castle this year
I'll guess it was 7.05 when the little ball of fire peeped over the horizon, transforming the landscape with its blazing light and sending a little tingle up my spine as the pageant unfolded. Moments like these are to be treasured and savoured for, who knows, at coming up 84, there may not be many of them left!


  1. "Moments like these are to be treasured and savoured for," as is reading your wonderful description. I'm not a runner but somehow I'm there with you ... and it is so good ... thank you.

    The colour in all your photo's was also good to see.

    All the best Jan

    1. "I'm not a runner but somehow I'm there with you"
      It's worth trying Jan. I didn't start until I was 54 but wish I'd discovered the joys of running much earlier. Best years of my life...easily.
      All the best to you too

  2. And that is why we get up before the sun and run in the early mornings...
    Is that you in the bottom picture? if so is it a selfie?

    1. You're right Coach, I had to record my first run up there this year. There are four seats round the hill where it's possible to place a camera for selfies. I use one for sunrise pics - when there's no-one around!
      Hope you're back on your mountain too... Cheers!