Monday 18 April 2016

Seeing things.....

      My old legs churned out a total of 21 miles last week but, to be honest, in only 16 of them was I actually running. On three mornings, long before sunrise, I ran a 4 mile circuit over and around Castle Hill. Maybe I was hallucinating, or not quite awake, but I'd a funny experience on Friday.
Friday's dawn run - along the ghost path    (Click pictures to enlarge)
As I struggled steeply upwards a few yards from the perimeter path I glanced up and saw a man in a long grey coat walking along in the breaking light. Seconds later he'd completely vanished!
Some of my dawn friends
Sunday was glorious. We awoke to a cloudless sky that pleased my wonderful partner as she was on Yorkshire Dales National Park duty patrolling an area around Mossdale and Capplestone Gate.
I discovered a little lochan.....
        I'd considered going for a short run before lunch, then a bumbly walk in the afternoon. Instead I stuck a Brunch Bar in my bumbag and set off for five hours of walking, running and sunbathing, mainly out of sight, high on Grassington Moor.  
....ran past this shake-hole where rabbits live - with flowers by their door
Deviating from main tracks I discovered little lochans and remains of old buildings I'd never seen before, and didn't know existed.
through wheatear country
What I was really looking for was somewhere sheltered from the arctic wind, somewhere I could strip down to shorts and vest to expose a little more flesh to that healing sunshine. I found a grassy hollow and spent a couple of hours wallowing in ultra violet warmth.  But only my face changed colour, a not very nice shade of red with white rings round both eyes where my sunglasses had rested!
On the way home
      Occasional voices broke my reverie, and a couple went by on horseback, but I was well hidden and unlikely to suffer any human intrusion. Above me the wind rustled through the heather. Curlews were calling in the distance, a startled grouse went kekking across the skyline and a meadow pipit paid me a visit. Maybe I was laid too close to her nest?
past a wee cave - a secret way to sneak under the road
Time to go, but as I stepped from my cosy hollow it was like being plunged into a freezer. I retreated from the icy blast to don tracksters and a jacket before beginning my run for home.
and across the stepping stones bound for home
From 1,500ft it was nearly all downhill, keeping in the shelter of a long wall to drop into the ghyll - where bright wheatears have nearly all returned to their summer homes - and back to the car lined village street. A good day to end a rather good week.
Now then, roll on tomorrow and let me get back to that ghost.....
Lastly, for anyone interested in my 'Examiner' interview, here's the link


  1. Great pictures on your run. That sunrise is so pretty. One reason I like being up early and walking. : )

    1. Beautiful sunrises inspire me to get out of bed in the morning Karen, but they're getting a bit too early now. I'd to be out by 5.30 today.

  2. At least it's him who vanished and not you!

    1. I'm pleased about that Coach but, rather disappointingly, there was no sign of him this morning.....

  3. Stunning pics, as always, Gordon - and love the article too!

  4. Lovely post to read and look at, that sunrise looks glorious.
    Enjoyed the video clip too, thank you.

    Hope you've had a good week, I'm looking forward to watching the London Marathon tomorrow ...

    All the best Jan