Monday 19 September 2016

Mists and mellow fruitfullness

      In spite of reaching the tender age of 84 my brain steadfastly refuses to acknowledge it, though sometimes I think it ought. Like on Sunday for instance when I struggled round an eight mile circuit in hot September sunshine to arrive home practically leg-less having lost half a bucket of sweat along the way.
Sunrise on my only mid-week run  (Click to enlarge pictures)
      Hey, the old body says, you took me for a hard 8 miles yesterday with nearly a thousand feet of ascent, are you trying to kill me? The brain politely tells it to beggar off and stop being so soft before musing upon where to run next and really putting my body through its paces (possibly something to do with just renewing my passport).
Occasionally I relax
      Back to back 8 milers came about because I'd only managed five miles during the week, so 16 miles short of my preferred average of 3 miles per day or 21 mile total. On Wednesday I awoke to thick mist. Same on Thursday. On Friday it was raining. So mileage had to be made up at the weekend - in unseasonable heat.
Autumn fruits
      Actually those misty mid-week mornings cleared by lunchtime giving way to blue skies and warm sunshine.  I walked for miles, picking blackberries along the way and shaking apples from an old tree on Castle Hill.
....and more
Wild fruits are currently in abundance creating colour in the hedgerows and scrumptious desserts for our evening meals.
Getting a bit of speed up
      70º+ on Saturday had me running in shorts and sleeveless vest that gave me more freedom of movement and hence a little more speed as we descended from the high point, 1,550ft on Bycliffe Hill.
What's going on in Burnsall?
      My wonderful partner was also stripped down to basics for Sunday's run to Appletreewick where she sensibly turned for home considering 6 miles quite enough after the previous day's 8.
River Wharfe at Howgill      
        I left her and continued along the road to Howgill, then back beside the rowan fringed River Wharfe, past the busy campsite at Appletreewick to run the gauntlet of picknickers thronging Daggett's field at Burnsall.
Rowan trees, River Wharfe and Daggett's field
  A short, steep ascent from Hebden beck back up to the village took all the remaining wind from my sails. But the animal was happy. Another 21 mile week was in the bag.
Rowan berries against the blue
 Bacon and mushrooms on toast went some way to replacing spent calories.  A can of cold beer on the lawn in warm sunshine, late swallows hawking around and honey bees humming among autumn flowers brought a wonderfully relaxing end to another glorious weekend.


  1. with spring almost here I've been spending a little time working on my vitamin D intake with a can of carbs in the hand! (or a few crushed grapes) But I long to be sweating... hope to start my come back in October, 3 months is a long time!
    enjoy the sun while it lasts, because as our days get longer yours get shorter!

    1. I eat grapes all year round, very healthy. Throughout winter and shorter days I take mega doses of Vitamin D - in capsule form.
      How's the rehab going Coach? Cycling? Swimming? Hope it's not too long before you're running again, but do take care.

  2. You just can't beat glorious sunny Autumn Days ...
    Your photo's show some fabulous scenery and lovely fruits.

    All the best Jan

    1. It's been a good September Jan, one of the best months of the year. And yes, autumn fruits both look good and taste good.

  3. I hope I can still run when I reach your age Gordon - you're an inspiration! I'm busy making rosehip and blackberry syrup at the moment.

    1. You're a natural Susie, you'll run forever. Sounds like someone else has been collecting wild fruits. That syrup sounds delicious. Found my first mushrooms on Thursday.