Tuesday 4 October 2016

Farewell September, hello October......

      Last week, as I was plodding about above the roof tops, my wonderful partner was running the streets of Barcelona, watching the sun rise and flicker through the masts of vessels moored in the harbour. 
Enjoying a sunrise run at 900ft......(Click to enlarge pictures)
      We thought of each other, texted each other, and exchanged emails with photographs taken during our morning activities, usually before 8am.  Ah, the power of love.
But whatever did we do without smartphones?
.....while my lucky partner kept to sea level in Barcelona
      On Friday I was privileged to attend the wedding of Hebden stalwarts, Robert Stockdale and Joanne Howes, in what will undoubtedly be the last marriage ceremony ever to take place in our beautiful old Methodist Chapel.
Robert and Joanne Stockdale - a match made in Hebden..
      Sadly, due to its dwindling congregation, it will no longer be a place of worship after October 23rd.  So far as Methodist services go, from thenceforth we must attend a Chapel two miles away in Grassington, or revert to being heathens!
Hebden Chapel on Burnsall Feast Sports day
      On Saturday morning I was reunited with my wonderful partner for an enjoyable 7 mile run up the Ghyll, through Yarnbury to Bare House, down into Grassington and back through fields to Hebden. 
Passing some of Stockdale's black beasties by Bare House
      After recent heavy rain underfoot conditions have become a bit 'clarty' so we may have to revise some of our routes in order to maintain pace and momentum.
Running to Bare House
      From noon until 6pm a Food and Drink Festival took place outside the Clarendon, courtesy of our genial chef/landlord, Lionel Strub and partner Kirsty Richardson. 
Mine host, chef Lionel Strub (left), listening to advice...
      Stalls selling gin, Sicilian olive oil and books all seemed to be attracting attention.  Author Victoria Benn's recently published 'Studs and Crooks' was added to my bucket list.
If music be the food of love, play on...
      A charming folk singer, cookery demonstrations, a fun dog show, face painting and a chilli eating contest all added to the afternoons entertainment.
Dr Wallace with his pair of fun deer hounds
      It was officially opened by BBC Look North's Charlotte Leeming and attended by Hebden's own Golden Boy, Andy Hodge, winner of rowing gold medals at the last three Olympics. 
Andy Hodge with his Rio gold medal
      Sunday's four mile run round the hidden village of Thorpe, through fields into Burnsall and back along the river boosted my weeks total mileage to 24.  
      In spite of good weather throughout the day I'm afraid I did little else after that morning run.
Approaching Thorpe on a sunny Sunday morning
      Even my crossword brain refused to function as my mind dwelt unhealthily on the next day's intraocular steroid injection in the very same operating theatre where it all went dreadfully wrong last December.
Stile on way to Burnsall - note the dreaded shades
      Happily, I can still see to type this addition to my blog without the aid of spectacles so I guess things went fairly OK...
Don't ask!


  1. Your posts always lift my spirits - this one is no exception.

    And, no, I won't ask!

  2. Thanks JJ, you're too kind! The most frightening thing yesterday was when he asked "How many fingers am I holding up" and I couldn't even see his hand! I left hospital alone and not too happy....but I'm OK now.

  3. I so enjoyed this post, your photo's, your news ... just lovely.

    However, when I came to your last paragraph - I thought ???
    But I wont ask - just so pleased to read this post and see your photo's.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  4. Thanks Jan for your kind words. I'll admit to being a little frightened after that eye injection, but all is well again - so far.
    All the best...