Monday 24 October 2016

The Last Supper......

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven".  The sacrament of Holy Communion took place for the very last time in Hebden Methodist Chapel on Sunday, October 23rd. From that date it will no longer be a place of worship.  The pews where we've sung and prayed and come before God will likely be ripped out, the lovely old organ pass to a private collection, the building deconsecrated and sold. 
Next notice may read 'For Sale'  (Click to enlarge pictures)
Our Minister, Rev Janet Clasper, did well to hide her emotions as she preached on the above text from Ecclesiastes 3 v.1. And my mouth was drying as I read Paul's 'love letter' to the Corinthians ( Ch 13) to our final congregation. But hymns were sung lustily and our final gathering round the Communion table had a more powerful meaning being reminiscent of another Last Supper that took place in Jerusalem a long time ago. Our Chapel doors may be closed but our hearts are still well and truly open to God and all His wonders. 
Things bright and beautiful - a new carpet
Members of the congregation chose their favourite hymn for our final service and one came to mind as we ran on that crisp autumn morning of blue sky with its riot of colour and leaves tumbling from the trees to carpet our path with russet and gold.  All things were indeed bright and beautiful. (On her 'Order of Service' Janet had abbreviated it to 'All things B&B' which made me smile).
A bit chilly in the lane on Saturday's run
It was a weekend when we saw our first frost too.  I'd been running across warm, sunlit fields between Linton and Thorpe and came to a narrow lane little more than a metre wide. Under its shaded limestone walls the grass was frosted and such was the difference in temperature my shades immediately steamed up.
Sundays run along the riverbank
The wonderful tints continue, making running a real joy, and I can never make up my mind whether Autumn or Spring is my favourite time of year. Colour-wise it's got to be Autumn but Spring has the added bonus of birdsong, the thrill of hearing the first curlew or sighting the first ring ouzel. Maybe, come whichever season,  they're all favourites!
Sometimes it's easier to nip over walls....
Even without abundance of bird life winter landscapes have something new to offer on almost every run, sometimes challenging and exciting if snow has blanketed the hills, sometimes muddy and 'orrible!
...than squeeze through them
We're told, by a lady who runs early in the morning, that an otter has taken up residence on a stretch of river near Hebden Suspension Bridge and a gentleman in the village has actually photographed it.
Des Res for an otter
It couldn't have chosen a more beautiful place to set up home, where kingfishers dart by and bats skim low across the water for their evening meals. Trout fishermen may not welcome it if it spoils their fun.
We're hoping it finds a mate. 


  1. Such a shame that your lovely church will be closing it's doors. I'm sure you may have said in an earlier post - but will you have far to go now for your Sunday service?

    A lovely selection of photographs again and the weather although getting cooler has allowed you some glorious runs in such wonderful coloured countryside.

    I hope the week ahead is a good one for you.

    All the best Jan

  2. Our memberships are being transferred to Grassington, 2 miles away, to another lovely old Chapel.
    There's still a bit of warm sunshine about Jan, and still running in shorts. It's been a good October - so far.
    You have a good week too.....

  3. Oh that is sad that your church is closing. Nice that your new church is just down the road.
    What did they do with the old pews? Maybe you could have one!! I have an old pew in my house.

    1. The pews are still there Karen, but we know of an antique dealer/auctioneer who could be interested in them. No room in my house!

  4. An old church would make for an interesting home...

    1. Not for me Coach, might feel a bit spooky after all the funerals! Another Dales Chapel that was sold now has a roof full of solar panels and looks a right mess...

  5. Oh what a shame about your old church. The Methodist church I attended as a child is now 2 flats which I find rather odd. I just don't like the idea of turning a place of worship into a home. Hoping the weather stays like this for the weekend as I've got my favourite trail marathon, Beachy Head, and the views are spectacular on a clear day (although I have run it in gale-force winds, gof and torrential rain.........

    1. I reckon we Methodists must be doing something wrong Susie. Our Chapels are closing one by one through lack of support, yet the Pentecostals are having to build bigger Churches to accommodate their growing numbers.
      Have a good run in the Beachy Head marathon. My wonderful partner cum social secretary tells me we're going back of Ullswater to run some hills and experience the annual rut. The deer I mean, not us!

  6. Hi. Is it deep enough for swimming at the suspension bridge? Although probably lots of spectators there!!

    Any other suggestions for deep pools with not too far a walk and preferably quieter. Appletreewick is next on my list but more suggestions would be great. :)