Monday 12 June 2017

Another week, a few more miles......

After recent runs over Castle Hill I'm happy to report the resident rabbit population is once again on the increase.  
My running track round Victoria Tower.  I call it altitude training!
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Strangely, a few months ago, nearly all my little furry friends vanished overnight for no accountable reason.  A pair of buzzards may have been partially responsible - and the local poacher readily admitted taking 'a few' - but between them they couldn't have wiped out so many so quickly. 
Oh, it's you again...
No evidence of myxomatosis was either seen or reported.  It's a mystery.  But it's good to see them back and I hope they soon get used to the sound of my feet pattering past on early morning runs.
Setting off round Grimwith
There were sunny spells on Sunday's pre-breakfast run round Grimwith but a nithering south westerly chased white horses across the ruffled water.
Scattering the sheep again...
We were looking for orchids but found only one, an early purple not yet fully opened.  In weeks to come there'll be many more of various varieties to cheer us on our way, or stop us in our tracks with cameras in shooting mode.
Only 4½ miles?  Let's go round again...
The Grimwith cuckoo seems to have deserted us but judging by the constant alarm calls of curlew, lapwing and oystercatchers there must be quite a lot of chicks enjoying their first taste of life on earth.
"Did you bring me any breakfast?"
 "Don't be frightened, we're not going to harm you" my wonderful partner will say to the agitated birds.  But apart from a friendly chaffinch none of them seem to understand!


  1. Looks like a great place to run.
    That bird is beautiful, nice colors.
    Send the buzzards over here, we seem to be over run by rabbits, LOTS of them around here.

    1. Rabbits can't do any harm on Castle Hill though elsewhere they can be a menace. But I love the buzzards too. In the early morning they're all my friends - including the local poacher!
      Cheers Karen...

  2. With almost a week of rain I haven't had much of a view... On the weekend I took a tourist for a mountain run and while it was a great adventure, he didn't get to enjoy the amazing views you get from a little run on Table Mountain!

    I please your weather is good for rabbit watching!

    1. Castle Hill is my Table Mountain with fantastic 360º views - and June has been busting out all over it. The animal is happy!

    2. Oh, and a PS. Talking of rain in Africa, this beautiful song reminded me of you Coach:

  3. Such a beautiful colour bird ... nice to see.

    I can't believe it's Friday as I type this, I do hope you've had a good week.

    All the best Jan

  4. I've had an excellent week Jan, and next week promises to be even better. Get the sun cream out! Cheers!