Monday 12 February 2018

Snow fun......

It's possible I'll soon be spending more time in surgeries, hospital waiting rooms, operating theatres  and opticians than I spend running.  Four appointments arrived in the same post last week, three relating to my eyes and the fourth to have my skin cancer hacked out.  "It's going to leave a scar" the doctor said, "it'll look like you've been in the wars".   
"At 85, that'll be the least of my worries, I'll tell people I was shot by a jealous husband" I told him. 
Better get running while I can   (Click to enlarge pictures)
The bumph says swimming will be out of the question for a couple of weeks (which doesn't bother me at all) and full body workouts in the gym shouldn't be attempted for at least 3 weeks.   What I'm anxious to know is whether running, too, constitutes a full body workout?  Answers on a postcard.  I'll adapt the one I like most...
Sunrise  over a frozen landscape   
Sub zero temperatures last week froze the muddy morass through the fields, along Clough Hall Lane and up the slopes onto Castle Hill. 
Moon over Victoria Tower
I got there and back with dry feet and clean shoes which is quite unusual.  I wish it would stay that way for a while for I'm fed up of coming home plastered (with mud, you understand).
Frozen moorland in the distance
I jogged up in the clear air while half of Huddersfield slept, my buff pulled up over my nose to warm the air, and circled a couple of times until the sun peeped over the horizon.
Sunlight spreading over Huddersfield
It's amazing how invigorating those first early morning rays can be.  I launched into a series of 100 metre hill reps before jogging gently back down as the town below warmed into life. 
Emley Moor mast against a dramatic, eastern sky......
Next morning I'd finished my workout long before sunrise but as I jogged home the sky turned a dramatic shade of red that had me dashing into the house for my camera.  Its blazing glory reminded me of a favourite song - Ghost Love Score - though not so much music, more a firework display.  Turn up the volume.  It's a cracker...
......and a strange phenomenon in the opposite direction at sunrise
Watson came running by as I stood outside, leaning against a fence composing shots (pointing my camera towards the mast and hoping for the best).  I felt rather smug having finished my workout as he was beginning his.  After a brief chat, something like Hi Dave, and Hi there, he continued on his way - at great speed!
I strolled leisurely back into the house for some protein laden chocolate milk
 - and breakfast.


  1. Hope all your surgeries go well. I will be praying for you.
    Beautiful sky.

    1. Thanks Karen. I have complete trust in those called to do this work and have no fears....

  2. all the best for the surgeries, maybe the weather will help to keep you in doors!

    1. Thanks Coach. I've good healing skin (so long as I don't pick the scabs!) so shouldn't be grounded for long. Best of luck with your comeback.

  3. I did know that you were so courageous Old Runningfox , you have got loads of health trouble , but you just carry on regardless, if it was me with your health issues, I would be so scared I would call for my mum to help me . All the best for your surgery . Watson used to be the great rival of my friend Ian Fisher for victory all over the district and I used to see him when I did the Spen 20 and Holmfirth 15 and the Akworth 10 miles several years back , and also nowadays when he doubles me at every cross country of the West Yorkshire . Antonio.

    1. Cheers Antonio, thanks for your good wishes. Nothing courageous about me. At my time of life I just take life as it comes. What will be will be.
      Watson is a great runner, poetry in motion when I watch him doing his workouts, but I can't cope with him now. He trains, I just run for fun and fitness.
      Keep on running.....

  4. Hi MrFox, glad to see you've been out running in the snow and am rather jealous as we hardly had any! Good luck with all your hospital appointments and make sure you get rid of the nasty stuff (and no picking off the scabs!). Oh and running doesn't count as a full body workout if you pretend you're only using your legs ;-) xxx

  5. Susie, you know me so well, I'm a compulsive picker off of scabs - as my wonderful partner would tell you! My million dollar question to the surgeon will be "When can I start running again?" I'll leave it to him - then perhaps knock a bit off...or a lot.
    I'm intrigued to know your next big project. Not the UTMB, is it?

  6. Hope everything goes well, Gordon, and that you're back to running soon! You have been my inspiration for long enough and I expect that to continue!

  7. All the best with your health issues, I enjoy reading your posts and your positive outlook.