Wednesday 1 August 2018

Another dawn run......

 I was out the house before the clock struck six this morning, and a very pleasant morning it turned out to be.  A local farmer had been mowing fields of grass almost into the wee small hours so a wonderful smell greeted me as I stepped out the door.
New mown hay - though a bit sparse...  (Click to enlarge) 
I hadn't run for five days so my legs were fresh and moved easily along the lane to cross the road into the fields beyond.  A waning moon hung in a clearing sky above Castle Hill.  Blackbirds sung their morning matins.  A cock pheasant crowed and shook his feathers, violently, as they do.
Spread over a mile the 250ft of ascent to Victoria Tower didn't feel too bad.  I cruised round the perimeter path and was relieved to note that a certain person with a vicious black dog was nowhere in sight.  Neither was his car. 
A path to myself

 After several attacks I'd reported him to the local Police Community Support Officer who assured me she'd contact the guy and stress to him that his dog must be kept under stricter control.  Meanwhile, I'd taken matters into my own hands and sprayed the snarling creature with Bite Back on the last occasion it came hurtling towards me. 
 I haven't seen it since!
Recommended to stave off dog attacks

After my third circuit a car arrived with the first of the morning dog walkers.  Except they didn't walk.  The car door opened, a dog shot out and went rampaging round the hill at great speed in search of rabbits while it's owner remained in situ.
A fresh breeze kept me cool as I launched into a short session of hill reps.  Or should that read a session of short hill reps?  Well both actually, they're only 100m and nowadays I never do more than ten.  Especially if anyone is watching!
A splash of rainbow colour...
Towards the west a swathe of rainbow colours enhanced the sunlit landscape, a focal point to gaze upon, and photograph, between reps. Any excuse for a rest!  Alongside the perimeter path fireweed was growing in profusion and I wondered whether those curious looking elephant hawk moth caterpillars still crawled among the stems.  I couldn't be bothered to look...
...and more colour - fireweed
An abundance of apples on a tree just over a garden fence are ripening nicely.  It's a shame the branches don't extend over the fence to make picking legal.  Not that I can't reach over on the way back from some early morning jaunt.  And most probably will...
Ripe for the picking
Arriving home after a very enjoyable 4 miles, a neighbour was just coming out the door to climb into his car on the way to work.  My work-out was finished.  
Now, what on earth was I going to do for the rest of the day?


  1. Well done once again, you do really well to get out early in the day. Dogs or rather their owners are a menace that we seem to be cursed with, whether on a bike or walking/ running. Now we live on the coast we are able to run on the beach as the sand is nice and firm, glorious running except the number of dogs running loose! Owners can’t manage them as they are too far away. I normally carry a squirty drinking bottle to deter them, but after seeing your Bite Back, it looks like a good investment!
    Keep on running and inspiring us youngsters ��

    1. Bite Back isn't cheap Ian but it's a good investment! I love dogs to come and say Hello but when they're snarling and frothing at the mouth it's a different matter. With Bite Back it's the dog's turn to be frightened. Just make sure you can run faster than their owners!

  2. Nice to enjoy a run with you. : ) Great pictures, the scenes are exceptional.
    Hopefully you won't be seeing that mean dog anymore!!

    1. Thanks Karen, but I'll bet you walked twice as far as I ran.
      It's sad about that dog. I tried to stay friendly with its owner (for you never know when you might have need of such people) but it was impossible on this occasion. Maybe next time.....

  3. Loved seeing your photographs …
    Shame about the dog, but hopefully you will not be seeing it any more!
    We should all be able to walk or run un-hindered.

    Happy August by the way - where did July go?

    All the best Jan

    1. And a very Happy August to you too. At my time of life Jan, ALL months seem to pass far too quickly.
      I think we've resolved the dog issue and I can now run happy again. Cheers!

  4. Well done on dealing with the be doggy, badly behaved (more like badly TRAINED) hounds are a damned nuisance at best - and downright dangerous in worse cases.
    Glad to see you're out nice and early - I'm off my feet for a few weeks with shin-splints gained on the Four Days Marches :-(

    1. Four Days Marches? Off your feet? What on earth have you been doing that's more serious than the Chally?
      We started early morning running in Menorca. Breakfast at our hotel wasn't till 8.30 which meant it was far too hot to run afterwards. But it was a good habit to start..

    2. I really enjoyed the Four Days Marches (my 4th) but I don't think I'll be doing it again - 100 miles on tarmac isn't good for your bits.
      I hope to be moving again in a week or so...but it will be a gentle start!