Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Seasons of mist......

I'll admit, I was a lazy so-and-so last week, only getting out running twice instead of my usual four times. But I suspect that would be more than a good 95% of my vintage.  If not more.
Love that quote...
There'd been some good dry weather during the week enabling a local farmer to get a third cut from his meadows that should keep his cattle well fed over the winter.
Hay-time in October?  (Click to enlarge pictures)
However, I'm very much a fine weather person nowadays.  Last weekend was pretty diabolical in the Dales with continuous rain all day Saturday and up till tea-time on Sunday.  My wonderful partner was on National Park duty over Barden Moor and came home soaked.  I never went out the door.
Misty morning  
Fortunately, in the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness. I'd enjoyed some glorious sunshine during the week that even inspired a spell of gardening, that necessary evil!
Wednesday's misty sunrise
Another fantastic sunrise on Wednesday was quite breathtaking.  Now that it's rising later I'm meeting more and more people on my morning jaunts, some I've never met before. With their dogs.
New route  -  new people  -  new dogs
A lady had three Staffordshires bull terriers one of which, very friendly,  came bounding across to say hello.  Another chap had two Scottish deerhounds, a noble breed I'm particularly fond of.
And that was it.  Weather permitting I'll be back up to four runs again this coming week.
Anyone care to join me?
PS.  I came across this strange article someone had published in a foreign magazine and managed to translate it into English.
Fame at last!


  1. It is fame at last Old Runningfox and it is well deserved , few runners have done so much for the sport like you have and achieving astonishing results . The week end has been really wet with relentless hard rain also on the Ilkley Moors where I did the 8 mile Rombalds Romp in atrocious weather conditions and with my glasses wet and foggy and I could not see a thing . Nowadays when I run by myself I always carry with me a walking stick because in the past I had bad experience with dogs and their owners . Antonio .

    1. Most dogs I meet just want to be friendly and say Hello. For the rare nasty ones I carry Biteback - which has now been renamed K9 17. It works.
      You have more guts than me - running Rombalds Moor in those conditions last weekend... I stayed inside where it was warm!

  2. Fabulous photographs on your post, and I enjoyed the link to the article.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. Was wondering where you'd got to?
      All the best to you too.....