Tuesday 27 November 2018

A good day...

In spite of dense fog and temperature hovering around zero I managed to get out running again this morning.  With the exception of Keighley Parkrun, which I never should have run in my bronchitic state, it was my first run since November 2nd.
Not a lot to see, even if you  (Click to enlarge)
Fields have become slippery and slutchy again and I was glad I'd chosen to wear Inov-8 X-talons with sufficient grip to help me stay upright.  I have seven different Inov-8 models for varying running surfaces.  In spite of adverse conditions it felt wonderful to be out again, alone through empty fields and up onto Castle Hill before sunrise.  Actually, the sun never shone all day.
Lt to RT:  Inov-8 X-talons, Trail Rocs, Mud claws

Surprisingly, another runner, a fast moving girl, had reached the summit before me and already done her circuits.  With a cheery 'good morning' she went hurtling back down, leaving me alone in the eerie silence.
That dog...
To get some strength back into my legs after their recent lay-off I launched into a series of hill reps, only 100m but fairly steep and I ran them fast.  I'd only done three when 'that dog' materialised from the murk, the snarling, frothing creature I'd reported to the police back in July.  I spoke gently to it as it sniffed my legs.  It stood back, eyeing me suspiciously before returning to its shouting owner and I wondered if it remembered me as the one who'd sprayed it with 'Bite Back' those four months ago?  I'll start carrying that spray again - in case it's forgotten.
A friendly nuthatch
I beat a hasty retreat in the opposite direction to return home after only three miles.  But I was happy and felt I'd earned my chocolate milk and hearty breakfast.  A nuthatch seemed happy too, totally ignoring the nuts as it scoffed the last of the seeds from the feeder.
It's been a good day...


  1. Even with Bronchitic I think it's a good thing to have a couple of little easy runs (little/easy) I feel it helps loosen the phlegm.

    but watch the strain on the heart

    1. I just didn't have the energy Coach. You'll come to it!

  2. Glad it was a good day …
    Love the picture of the nuthatch.

    All the best Jan

  3. Strangely enough that dog looks similar to the one that used to bark at me with hostility on the path to Ilkley , but I blame the owner , not the dog . About the shoes I agree with you Old Runningfox ,that are the most important item for a runner , myself I have got around 10 pair of shoes for any kind of terrain from the road type to the fell one , although nowadays a need indeed a pair of shoes with a small engine to let my stiff legs move forward . I hope your bronchitic gets better soon and you are up and about as usual . Antonio .