Tuesday 12 February 2019

Trial bikes and Terraclaws......

This latest video not only had me scratching my head half the night but all next day too.  For the life in me I can't fathom out how to download appropriate music into videos.  I dearly wanted Martyn Bennett's 'Blackbird', the track he used as background music for his incredible video - 
but it failed to download.  I need lessons!
So, from hundreds of music tracks on my computer only three will download. So far.  I apologize for 'The Wild Mountain Thyme' which, although one of my favourite songs I've sung hundreds of times in mountaineering days, is entirely inappropriate.
 Having said that, heather and wild mountain thyme both grow up the ghyll and on the moor but don't flower at this time of year.
But snowdrops do.
My wonderful partner was again on National Parks Ranger duty so I laced up my Terraclaws and took off into the hills alone for an 8 mile run to the far reaches of Grassington Moor.  Running up the ghyll I was wondering why Hebden beck was running 'horseback brown' like the burn in Gerard Manley Hopkin's poem 'Inversnaid'. 
 I soon fouind out.  The annual motor cycle trials were taking place up the ghyll and everywhere was getting badly churned up.  
But it was fascinating to watch and I spent far more time there than I should before eventually setting off to where I'd originally intended to go, up onto the wild, empty moor where an unsociable gamekeeper and his equally ignorant passenger were the only people that passed.
It was cloudy, dark, and a cold wind swept across the higher reaches of the moor.  In spite of a hooded jacket, cap and gloves, I still couldn't keep warm.  After 4 miles I turned and ran for home.
She didn't say much when I flopped through the door but my wonderful partner decided a strong cup of tea with plenty of sugar and a large splash of brandy was called for.  And she was right,
I was knackered!


  1. In consideration you run into the hill and you are a Nightwish fan I suggest their song: Over the hill and far away (

    1. Cheers Stefano. How do you know I'm a Nightwish fan? Yes, I tried that song, also Swanheart but it's not possible to just download the audio, has to be the whole video. Hope you appreciated 'The Ridge' and Blackbird?

  2. Running Fox, you are a total inspiration and I am absolutely delighted to have discovered your blog. I also ran for Longwood Harriers many years ago when I was in my teens. I came back to running in races in my late thirties and like you starting setting new PBs as I got older. I'm still getting faster at 47 and your achievements are so motivational for me. I live in Krakow now but get back to Huddersfield/Burnley a few times a year. I would love to meet up in connection with a book that I working on. If interested please email me at Thank you!

  3. A super video again Old Runningfox and I liked the music and the song as well ,just what I need for next Saturday at Harewood for the Nationals Cross country where I am expecting to be last one although at the North of England I manage to leave one behind me . Me just the same Gordon sometimes I plan a long run than for some reason I feel exhausted and I turn back home straight away having done hardly few miles . Antonio .