Monday 4 February 2019

Three bridges......

My Rt eye was feeling a little sore after another nasty injection during last Thursday's freezing, foggy conditions so I'd no intentions of running last weekend, especially if it was windy.   But Sunday dawned calm, sunny and clear so when my wonderful partner began changing into her running clothes I couldn't resist joining her.  I'm glad I did.
A cock pheasant we passed  in the lane kicked up an awful din but didn't fly away.  It could have been saying 'enjoy your run'.
We encountered ice before leaving the village but soon acquired a steady rhythm crunching through snow and frozen fields with glorious views all around.
We'd planned a two bridge route but were enjoying it so much we unanimously agreed to include a third (Grassington) which gave us an extra mile.
Grassington was somewhat devoid of tourists but we passed quite a few along the river bank.  Some actually spoke!


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    1. Thanks Ian. I managed the first one OK but couldn't remember how I'd done it. This second one took me half the night. They'll never get better!

  2. What a remarkable person you are Old Runningfox , to became a youtuber at almost 85 is extraordinary , I am flabbergasted about your elastic mind . Well done the video is good and the pics are lovely , last Saturday I was running the runners against the riders at the Ted Mason birthday in Appletreewick just at the back of where you live and the hills were all white and similar and maybe the same one like in your pics . I just wonder on how slim you are Gordon, perfect for running , ,although you eat loads of food and you drinks loads of wine , how do you manage to have such a good runner shape figure ? Antonio .

    1. It's all in the genes Antonio, we are what we are, all of us different - none of us normal!
      I didn't know about Ted's do or I'd have come and maybe done a bit of pacemaking for you. We often run round there anyway. Stick at it!

  3. Beautiful video and wonderful route. Run by Leona Lewis is appropriated!