Monday 24 June 2019

Another week, another few miles...

On the morning of summer solstice I crawled out of bed at 3.45am, donned my running gear and drank an extra strong cup of coffee.  Half an hour later I was jogging up Castle Hill to greet the sun.  Strewth, I couldn't believe how many others were there already.  The car park was heaving, a crowd had gathered round the tower while various individuals and couples were spaced around the hill, all facing east to witness the imminent sunrise.
Solstice sunrise   (Click to enlarge)
At exactly 4.36am the sun duly obliged and as it peeped over the horizon a group by the tower began singing softly, words and music quite unfamiliar to me.
Solstice service.
Others, some in druidic robes,  appeared to be reciting a form of litany from sheets of notes.   Dressed only in shorts and vest I felt rather uncomfortable and out of place in such company so, after taking a few pictures, quickly scurried home.
Setting off on Saturday's run
 Weekend activities were a repeat of runs I've recorded scores of times in my blog so a few photographs will have to suffice.
The road loop
We set off on Saturday to run what we call the Appletreewick lollipop.
Passing the camp site
It goes mainly along the River Wharfe and back with a loop out onto the road and back round the camp site at the far end.
Burnsall Bridge
 We abandoned the riverside path at Burnsall Bridge on account of hoards of people with their children and dogs.
Anyone know what this is?
  We ascended a steep bank up to the Skuff road where we came upon a strange, tall plant that has only appeared this year.
Brakes off, full speed ahead
Once out onto the Skuff road we'd a section of fast running back towards Hebden.
  We were out of bed early on Sunday morning for another favourite run round Grimwith reservoir.
Foxgloves, orchids, yellow rattle and bugle lined our path back 'o Grimwith.
Amazingly, among the bracken we came across more of that strange plant we'd seen the day before.
Agitated mum
At the lagoon a mallard was very agitated as it waddled back and forth along the top of a weir.
Mother duck sliding down to rejoin her family.
 It transpired all its ducklings had been having great fun whizzing down the weir into the drain below.
Together again
They were all united in the drain below, though goodness knows how long it would take them to find their way out..
Early purple orchids
We left them to figure it out (the drain passes under the road and empties into the reservoir) and continued along the orchid lined path. 
Through thick carpets of alchemilla,
over the wee bridge, up to the car park and away home for porridge, toast and coffee
 - a well earned breakfast


  1. What can I say? Amazing!
    Great idea to greet the sun in such wonderful place.

  2. Wonderful pictures along your jog route.
    Sorry can't help you naming that plant. Sure is big!
    That one picture of you running full speed looks like your airborne! : )

  3. It is another fabulous posting Old Runningfox , especially the pic of you Gordon flying downhill , brakes off , full speed ahead , your two feet were not touching the ground , I am only 70 years old I Can not do it . Antonio .