Wednesday 3 June 2020

A walk on the wild side......

After watching a live streaming of my friend Peter Dibb's funeral, attended by only six mourners wearing face masks, it was a great relief whrn my wonderful partner whisked me away to the solace of the Yorkshire Dales.   There I could effect some sort of closure on a traumatic three weeks.  Nature is a great healer.
Bridge over untroubled waters   (Click to enlarge)
Have we got to go up there?
Afraid so

Hebden crag
We're up and walking towards Mossy Mere
Mossy Mere. beloved of greylags, curlews, pewits, redshank,
snipe, skylarks - and me
Relaxing, listening to the bird's wild chorus
Looking across to hills I used to run
When it wont open
In the dried up land of bog cotton and golden plovers
Desolation - solitary sheep, a sea of bog cotton and lonely hills
At the boundary stone twixt Hebden and Grassington Moors
Time to rest amd drink it all in
Another rest - at a shooting butt high on the moor 
Hello, what's this flowering in such a wild place?
Let's have a closer look...
On the way home
Walking down Hebden Beck
Miner's Bridge in Hebden Ghyll
Home and relaxed
That deserves a glass of wine - or two.
The end of a perfect day


  1. "That deserves a glass of wine - or two.
    The end of a perfect day"

    Cheers to you both.
    Wonderful photographs.

    All the best Jan

  2. Wow those pictures are gorgeous. What a wonderful place to go running or walking.

  3. you`s are looking well there Gordon, looks a cracking place for a walk, im off to wark forest tomorrow for a walk myself a route that's just shy of 15 miles, running has pretty much took a back seat at the moment, had a heart procedure to correct heart rhythm in December, hoping to make a slow return soon, all the best Gordon take care, cheers.

  4. just to let you know Gordon, that last comment was from me john bell, Newcastle, some reason was shown as Unknown.

    1. I wondered who it was John! I've more or less got to the walking stage now. The important thing is to keep going for as long as ever you can. Hope you enjoyed the walk. Cheers.

  5. It was the same for the funeral of Peter Shields , we had to give the last salute of his last departure from Main Street in Burley in W. all the people from different running clubs were paying the last respect in front of the Methodist Church , poor Peter he did not deserved to die , he still had a lot to give to the sport . I like the post Oldrunninfox and the pics are really nice , about the pic of the gate that will not open made smile because it happened to me today on my walk on the moors . Also that pic looking across the hill I used to run , you never know Gordon , maybe it could happen again somehow. Antonio .

  6. Beautiful.
    Just beautiful.
    Take care both of you.

  7. Hello, Gordon!
    I have enjoyed looking at photos taken in the vicinity of Hebden and Yarnbury while you have been running in these places for many years and which are posted here on your blog. And now I decided to write to you.
    Many places there are familiar to me from other sources. Some of the photos posted on your blog are unique. Although I live thousands of miles from the Yorkshire dales, these places around Grassington and Hebden are of particular interest to me. My interest in these places is connected with literature and art. I would be very happy if You would kindly agree to answer some of my questions regarding the details of the landscape that You have been lucky enough to observe for many years.
    Keep on running!

    Kind regards.