Sunday 20 September 2015

A twinge of Autumn......

It was wonderful to run the commons and coast paths in warm Cornish sunshine with the constant croon of the ocean, refreshing salt laden sea air and white gulls gliding across the blue sky. It's funny how we remember good things and obliterate the bad. Looking back over many holidays, I remember little of cold, discomfort or lashing rain, even while backpacking throughout the Highlands bagging all the Scottish Munros, some of the more favoured ones several times. Likewise the sound of storms buffetting our tent in Cornwall will soon fade from our brains.
Everything in the garden is beautiful..... (Click pictures to enlarge)
But back to normality, whatever that might be. My garden was a truly colourful sight when I got home, the lush grass of my handkerchief size lawn 6" taller than when I left. Scented pink phlox, fuschia, marguerites and crocosmia were all at their flowering best but so, unfortunately, were the weeds! Bird feeders were all completely empty. So I'd a bit of work to do before I could think about running.
.....and things happening over the garden wall
Mornings are getting darker now so I've reset the alarm to waken me half an hour later - 6am instead of 5.30 - but reckon it wont be long before I've to reset it again. This morning's jaunt in semi-darkness, down a steep path into Mollicar Wood with wet uneven steps and tree roots criss-crossing it, slowed me to a wary walk. That, and the equally steep climb out the other side, upset my rhythm to an extent from which I never really recovered.
Early morning sun lighting up windows across the stubble field
While I was away vast acres of corn have been cut and as I ran through the stubble fields clouds of wood pigeons rose into the air at my approach. Pheasants too were filling their crops with the excess of corn littering the ground. Do farmers only harvest it for the straw? Sometimes I wish I still had my old 12 bore shotgun. I'd love one of those corn fed pheasants.
Struggling uphill at sunrise....
Making my way onto Castle Hill to complete a planned six miles the rising sun highlighted clusters of luscious ripe blackberries - a handful of which just had to be eaten. Then two terriers came hurtling towards me, barking and growling, but as I greeted them and bent to sooth them they decided to be friendly and offered their backs so I could smooth their bristling hackles.
.....onto this lovely running path, already showing tints of autumn
Uneven terrain, frightened horses, cows blocking a stile, ripe blackberries and loose dogs all combined to make a mockery of my run today. Stopping, starting, walking and eating made it a very slow jaunt. But the sun shone (eventually), there was a twinge of autumn in the air and I enjoyed every minute of it. Blackberries were so good I've been out to fill a polythene container with enough to make a couple of crumbles that should last the week. The first will be in the oven any minute now. 
Bon appetit!
Week's total: 21 miles: 2,200ft ascent


  1. A run WITH blackberries? Perfect!

    1. I'm suffering a bit now Karien. Just had a bowl of blackberry crumble with custard - after my chilli con carne, onion rings and chips - and I'm so bloated I can hardly walk!

  2. And Spring in springing here in the Mother City (Cape Town) and with the longer days comes more time on the mountain... My poor wife! (I think I'm going to have to be leaving home before she's up!

    1. I'm lucky Coach, long or short days, hills and dales, my wonderful partner will run with me. Except she's in Tuscany this week, running around hoo!

  3. Autumn is so lovely, the colours just perfect, and picking blackberries too - what more could you ask for ... bliss.

    Hope your week is going well.

    All the best Jan

    1. I've really had my fill of blackberries this year Jan, but still can't resist eating a few when I pass big juicy ones while out running. Picked a few mushrooms too (and ssshhhh, stole a few apples en passant) so loving all this free food...

  4. I like those runs now and again. Sounded lovely

    1. That 100 miler of yours was brilliant Lena, but you might prefer my sort of runs when you get into your 80's.... All the Best.