Tuesday 21 January 2020

A good weekend...

The forecast was good for our neck of the woods so we were determined to make the most of it.  On Saturday we went walking over Hebden Crag, past Mossy Mere and back via Hebden Ghyll.
I needed some hard uphill work and some faster running to get the old body operating as near to optimum as possible. for my age
Hebden beck   (click to enlarge)
Approaching the Crag path gate

The Crag path
Crag path
At Mossy Mere

Back into the ghyll
Hebden Ghyll
Dwarf ferns growing from a mossy wall

On Sunday we got out of bed in the darkness, had a quick coffee and were driving up the road to Grimwith, scattering pheasants as we went., prelude to a glorious run.

Breaking dawn.  Running frequently stopped for photographs
Dawn colours and ice on the track

Avoiding the ice

More ice
Running into the sunrise
Feeling a bit of warmth in the sun
Back o' Grimwith
Sun rising on a frozen landscape, back o' Grimwith
Reservoir like a mill pond
Back into the shadows under the hill
Almost finished
Time for porridge - almost - just a short drive home now.
Hope the car hasn't frozen up again!


  1. What beautiful landscapes they are Old Runningfox! Thank you for putting this on ,the pics are lovely and indeed you deserved the porridge . Well done Gordon . Antonio.

    1. Hi Antonio. I'm a lot better taking pictures than running nowadays!

  2. Oh such pretty places to run or walk.

  3. Thanks Karen. I feel blessed having such beautiful places to run.