Monday, 27 January 2020

A little further....

My plan for last Sunday was to run a little further, to get strength back into my legs, but we'd been celebrating Burn's Night so things got a bit out of hand.  A horrible pain in my nether regions caused something of a delay at the start of our six mile jaunt to Appletreewick but after a brief stop we were soon on our way. 
Well wrapped up against a cold wind by Hebden Suspension Bridge. 
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It's nearly six months since we ran this route and I was really looking forward to running the riverbank again. 
River Wharfe near Loup Scar
A dipper bobbed around on a stone at Loup Scar but by the time I got the camera out, it had gone,
Passing the Red Lion at Burnsall Bridge
It was early morning and I can only remember passing four people and none of them had dogs.  Quite an unusual occurrence!
On the bridge at Woodhouse Farm
We pressed on, following the river past the Red Lion in Burnsall  (it was shut, not that I'm ever allowed in such places) and through Daggett's car parking field to Woodhouse Farm.
Running the short road loop
Here, we normally leave the river for a short loop onto the road, hence the name - the Appletreewick lollipop.
Passing the campsite
In half a mile or so we cut back to rejoin the river at the campsite.
Flat, easy running
We'd run three miles and were now at the half way mark and turning for home with a cool wind in our faces.  
Peering into the River Dibb at Woodhouse Farm
There were no hills until the last ¼ mile, it was all delightful running, through Burnsall, over the River Dibb that flows into the Wharfe, past Loup Scar again and on to the Suspension Bridge.
Passing Loup Scar again
After another mile we'd got into our stride.  Breakfast was calling.
A cormorant drying his wings
We'd never seen a cormorant on the river before so were surprised to see one perched on a rock mid stream, wings outstretched.
Full steam ahead
We tried to take a decent picture of him but he flew away. We ran on.
Towards the Suspension Bridge seen in the distance
It's a lovely stretch of river to the Suspension Bridge and we never tire of running this, especially when we have it to ourselves!
Crossing the bridge again 
Pretty soon we reached the Suspension Bridge and out onto the tarmac again. It was steep tarmac and shhhh,, never let it be said, we walked up it....   It was only 150 yards or so.  Pretty soon we were home enjoying porridge and coffee, crumpets and honey.
Well, I was.....


  1. What a great place for running or walking. Would love to walk over that bridge!!

    1. You're right and you'd love it Karen, though I believe you have some beautiful countryside around you too.

  2. Hello Gordon , next Sunday from Appletreewick at 2pm Ted Mason will organize a fell race of around 5 miles the Runners and Riders will use the same footpaths that you usually do for your running around Appletreewick . I did not know that you were ' persona non grata ' at the Red Lion in Burnsall , Did you fall out with the landlord ? I like the post and pics are really nice Old Runningfox . It is good to see you back running with some kind of form . Antonio .

    1. Thanks Antonio. Yes, I know about Ted's £10 a time do next Sunday, will you be doing it?
      No, I haven't fallen out with the landlord. My partner never goes in the Red Lion, so I'm not allowed, so to speak! We're not really pub people.
      Don't know about 'some kind of form'. It's usually short bursts in between stopping to take photographs. Then I've to sprint to catch up with my partner again!