Sunday 5 April 2020

The sun always rises.....

After all the hours spent indoors it was a real joy to get out at sunrise into the cool, clear air.  We're officially allowed to go out once each day for exercise but, as an octogenarian, I find every other day is enough.  And that depends on the weather!
Beautiful sunrise, worth getting up early for    (Click to enlarge)
Robins, blackbirds and a pheasant were proclaiming their territorial rights, and I heard a chiff-chaff in the blackthorn.   Approaching the top of Castle hill gorse was in full bloom and although the day hadn't yet warmed up I caught a faint whiff of its vanilla scent.
Gorse in bloom
In spite of it being so early there were people about.  A girl out running gave me a smile and a wide berth.  A family group were chattering away on Castle Hill and I caught a glimpse of the local poacher, but not his dogs.  They must have been hunting.
Victoria Tower and beacon, Castle Hill
A lone gentleman waved as he passed at a safe distance.  Everyone was cheerful for it was one of those mornings that lift the spirits and make it feel good to be alive.  I pray for many more mornings like it until this dreadful virus has disappeared. 


  1. "I pray for many more mornings like it until this dreadful virus has disappeared."

    Beautiful photographs here, they do lift the spirit.
    Take care, stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  2. So happy to hear that you guys are doing okay. Take care!

  3. Glad that you are doing well and that you got outside in the fresh air.
    Beautiful photos.
    I find morning people as a rule very friendly.

  4. Hello Old Runningfox ,I agree with the others that the photos are indeed beautiful , and also the posting is nice and it is good to hear from you Gordon .