Thursday 9 April 2020

Where no virus lurks...

I've been trying to get out for a dawn run every other day but sunrise is getting a bit too early for me now.  This morning for instance it was peeping over the horizon at 6.20 am which meant I had to be out of bed by 5.30 to have a reviving coffee before setting off to my usual viewpoint.
My favourite time of day - Sunrise   ( click to enlarge)
It was hardly daylight as I set out through fields crunchy with frost and a full moon setting before me to the West.  Birds were beginning to sing.  A string of horses resting by the hedge took no notice as I ran by.  Not even a blink.
Frozen car at Clough Hall
A girl I've seen twice before was on her way down as I plodded up, so goodness knows what time she got up.   A group of three people were sitting on the grass at the top.  Don't ask!
Beacon of hope
 And of course the usual dog walkers had driven up.  I say dog walkers but they stroll round the hill while their two unruly dogs charge all over hunting for rabbits.  And attacking me.  Which is why I took a couple of quick shots of the sunrise, then scarpered!  I was home before 7 o'clock.  It clouded over and I never saw the sun again..
That shirt
I've included this shirt photograph because the printing is very apt in the present climate, and I thought it looked better worn than hung over a chair!
Victoria Tower lit up for the NHS
 Each Thursday night at 8 pm we stand by our doors or windows and clap our appreciation of the amazing NHS staff for all the dedicated work they do.  The latest session was quite deafening for in addition to clapping folk were banging sauce pans and even letting off fireworks.   It was all very emotional.  As an added gesture Victoria Tower on Castle Hill was illuminated in pale blue light and a planet shone way above it..
Even the heavens gave thanks


  1. Beautiful! Early-morning is my favourite part of the day too, for sure.

  2. So lucky to be allowed out! We are still in proper lockdown... Started running shuttle runs 20mup and 20m down the garden, but gave up on that...

    Now I just skip and ride the stationary bike. 21 days to go.

    The weather here is still great so I do get to swim as well, but I really need to get out and see what is happening in the world, see what is happening on the mountain, and the run with the wind in my hair.
    Keep safe

    1. I feel for you Coach, it's a terrible situation we're in. I do a few exercises on days when not running but ashamed to say I can't touch my toes any more.
      I'll still be afraid to go out when the lock down ends, being highly vulnerable, so don't know when I'll see my wonderful partner again.
      Take care and stay safe.

  3. That shirt really looks great on you Old Runningfox , also I like the pics that are really nice . The post about the dogs , they attack me as well quite often , sometime when I go walk/run in fields I take with me a walking stick . Happy Easter Gordon and everybody.

  4. Good luck, Gordon (I can't see the shirt!)

    1. That's because two of my pictures have mysteriously disappeared. I'm trying to get them back. Maybe next week......

  5. Beautiful t-shirt and beautiful photos.I also love to run in early morning but now we are in lockdown and I must stay home. At the moment my workouts are around the garden.

    1. I'm in a lockdown too but allowed out once a day for exercise. I was out at 5am this morning!
      The shirt was designed by Kilian Jornet to raise funds for earthquake victims in the Himalayas.